Leeds today: fireworks, organ, geology, burglary, Armley, skate, gigs, LIFF, poppy and crafts.

Welcome back to BGL this Monday 5th November. You may have already enjoyed the sight of colourful pyrotechnics this year but there are still six free Bonfire night events saved for tonight.  Roundhay Park’s firework display kicks off at 8pm whilst those at Springhead Park in Rothwell, Middleton Park, East End Park, Woodhouse Moor and Bramley Park start at 7.30

If you’d like a different sound of celebratory sounds then pop along to the Town Hall where Simon Lindley plays ‘organ fireworks’; a popular programme for Guy Fawkes Day at 1pm. If you’ve never partaken in these lunchtime recitals before then be prepared for ‘watching shifting, thrashing and grasping away at what appears to be the helm of the highly florid and ornate spacecraft that is the Victoria Hall.’

Speaking of Roundhay Park, there will be a ‘walk back in time’, with local geologist Bill Fraser this Saturday, taking a look at millions of years of rock formation within the grounds.

Wherever or whenever you’re gone, make sure you lock your windows and doors properly as West Yorkshire police report that some areas of Leeds are now so easy to break into, they’re known to the criminal fraternity as ‘banks’, ‘cause everyone makes a withdrawal’. Break-ins tend to increase during the winter months so please do all you can to make sure your valuables are out of sight and your property secure.

The YEP has a nice piece about the continued rejuvenation of Armley high street following a £1.4m Townscape Heritage Initiative launched in 2009. Skelton butchers has had a Victorian makeover on its frontage with work now underway at Armley Moor.

Meanwhile, Holbeck Moor has acquired a skate park. The park had been previously situated behind South Leeds Sports Centre but was moved when the site became earmarked for building projects. The newly refurbished skate park is said to be ‘better and safer for kids’. There are also plans to install a 1000 seater ice rink at Elland Road by 2014. As well as daily public skating sessions, the rink would be home to ice hockey, speed skating clubs and cater for schools and people with disabilities.

We’re only a few months away from the opening of the Leeds Arena but we may soon have another music venue as Yorkshire County Cricket Club have applied for planning permission to hold music concerts at the Headingley ground to bring in extra revenue. Local residents need not fear that a council granted license will bring frighteningly loud rock music to LS6 but a more ‘radio 2 vibe’ with the Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra in talks to entertain open air picnickers in the style of this summer’s Opera in the Park at Temple Newsam.

City Varieties are hosting a singalonga Rock Horror Picture Show screening this Wednesday with fancy dress not officially required but highly recommended. Meanwhile the Leeds International Film society begins its first full week. If the thought of subtitled films leaves you cold, sympathise with Leeds-List’s thoughts on what ‘ordinary folk’ think of cinematic adventurism, and then try out their top five pick of the season.

This is also the week to get your poppy pinned on. If you’re praying for a pin badge, oversized flower head or a sparkly, glittery affair to come your way, then take charge of destiny by heading down to The Royal British Legion’s market stall in Kirkgate Market before taking yourself to one of the many commemorative events being held across the region in honour of Remembrance Sunday.

Finally, November is the month for crafters to shine. I have been amazed by the quality of homemade items of loveliness that people have at hand to perhaps make you think about buying from them for your Christmas presents. My friends and I will be selling at craft fairs in West Yorkshire throughout this month and keep a reminder in your diary for Kirstall Abbey’s winter market on the 25th of this month.

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  1. Jo Murricane says:

    Would be interested to see Skeltons. They used to be our local butchers and were always fantastic. Got our meat AND a story, every week!

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