Leeds today:

Good evening Leeds and hope you’ve all had a nice day free of news. Sorry about that. Have no fear, here at BGL HQ we’re working on making sure all the posts are up on time so you can have some delicious news all day.

First of all, it’s getting dark early, there’s snowmen in the windows and I’m already starting to panic about Christmas presents. The discomforted angel on top of the tree is surely the big reveal of the Leeds Christmas lights switch on celebrity stars!

A recent post on Leeds Grub highlights the fab work down at The Source in Kirkgate Market, where on Thursdays you can actually get a real life hot tamale – for a very reasonable price.

It’s all kicked off in the film world in Leeds with the 26th International Film Festival happening. Right now. Yes, now! Check out the Culture Vulture for one man’s one day at the festival.

Will you be voting for the police and crime commissioner in the upcoming election? Er, maybe. Personally I don’t really know much about it – which is probably half the problem – but over on the Guardian Northerner there’s a couple of ways to ‘vote’ without actually voting, if you get my drift.

Heavy rain, sleet and snow is all part of the joys of living up North, but some businesses are still being dramatically affected by flooding that occurred months ago, reports the BBC.

Leeds Daily Photo has a glamorous picture of the new Topshop that’s opened up at the bottom of Briggate, and says:

Nearly two years ago I featured the old branch of Topshop that was here when UK Uncut were protesting there. Since that time nothing has changed except I think that perhaps more people have come to realise that with the revelations about Starbucks ethics and tax, we really are not all in it together as our prime minister David Cameron has stated.

If you fancy getting dirty this weekend then make sure you take a look at the task reminders for the Hawksworth Wood action group.

It’s also MOVEMBER this month so if you are growing a tash then please do let us know about yo mo (!) so we can publicise your facial hair and raise some money for this brilliant cause. BGL staff have a selection of novelty beards and moustaches to wear at will, so if you spot us out and about without one on during Movember, please do write in to complain: beyondgdnleeds [at] gmail [dot] com. You can also use that address for news, which we like.

And here’s a cheeky plug – fancy winning a pair of lovely luxury tights and ogling over some gorgeous photography? Then check out my post about Wolford tights over on The Magic Square Foundation!

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