Leeds today: film, lights, Morley, Mor, Headingley and beer.

Hello everyone! Joe here, back again to give you some highlights on offer from this fine city of ours.
It may not take much muscle to push a button but this year Leeds gets a little physical when lighting the Christmas décor. Local legend Kevin Sinfield (Leeds Rhinos) will be joined this Thursday by Olympians Jonathan Brownlee and Jack Laugher to kickstart the festivities. Expect an array of celebrity and music to mark a memorable event for all the family.

Comedian Martin Mor visits Leeds tonight to cheer us up through this grimy winter weather. His noticeable looks and varied upbringing in a circus family marks this stand-up as a unique talent waiting for further discovery.

From Mor to Morely now, as the town loses a much loved figure of its past and formation. Counsellor and campaigner to an appreciating community who speak so highly of him, Joe Tetley has left behind him a positive legacy of change and a tale of simple origins.

Headingley has been said to be experiencing a shocking decrease in student activity this year. With business owners lashing out at inner city new builds as well as the riot inducing rise in tuition fees.

Perhaps the students are hiding out in the sticks, and why not? That’s where the beer is. The Otley Beer Festival returns this year to give us all a great excuse to sample a little too much of the finest ales sourced both locally and afar.

Wednesday is a popular night for the movies for obvious reasons. However, why not go out of your way to catch one or more of the 26th Leeds International Film Festival’s offerings, this year’s choices have reached an all time high. For a new release you could head along to the Town Hall for Martin McDonagh’s heavily awaited Seven Psychopaths; expect profanity, laughs, and violence in equal measures. For something a little more poetic and a step back at one of the great cinematic achievements, try Sansho The Bailiff at The Hyde Park Picture House, a timeless period drama charting the difficult moral paths we all take in life against the backdrop of feudal Japan.

Thanks for reading! See you tomorrow.

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