Leeds today: police, skeptics, herman, cheese, white ribbon, pool, bins, traffic and advice.

Hello! Wednesday is a good day. This is something to keep in mind as you work your way through the rest of the week.

If you were caught in the traffic on the M62 this morning, we feel your pain. The cause of the traffic was a collision involving two vans and a motorcycle which blocked all three lanes eastbound, but closed the motorway until 10am. Thankfully nobody’s injuries were life-threatening.

It made a change to be stuck on the M62, though. This week BGL has been getting stuck closer to town as Northern Gas Networks have been doing work outside Bewley’s on Victoria Road. Amusingly, there’s a LED billboard 50 yards past the roadworks warning that the roadworks you have just passed is going on. Still, it’s best that there isn’t a fault in the gas network.

BGL’s own Elly Snare has some advice to graduates – she’s been there, done that and made the t-shirt – in advance of speaking to some at a conference this afternoon. Want to know how to get ahead in your first jobs from Uni? Helpful hints abound.

The YEP has more on the fortnightly bin collections happening in Leeds from next April. Not everybody will be looking at a towering mound of rubbish; instead homes selected to take part in a wider trial will receive detailed information in the New Year. A smaller-scale trial in Rothwell seemed to go quite well, though.

We missed this, I think: Culture Vultures ask what people think of Shipley Pool:

Whenever I start a story-collecting project I am always worried, worried about if anyone will talk to me, if they will have anything ‘good’ to say. Because you forget, you forget because the people in charge of our stories, who re-package them and send them out as ‘the media’, like us to forget; people are brilliant.

This sort of thing is vitally important to know about: a tweet alerted us to a a lunchtime walk on 22nd Nov from Park Sq to support the White Ribbon campaign; Men working to end violence against women. This could be a great start, but men need to do more, not just go for a walk. Men often either ignore the problem or think it is none of their business, a casual attitude that needs to change.

Leeds writer Tamsin Constable writes in her blog about the tyranny of Herman cakes, likening them to a virus. BGL’s own Mike thinks they’re dreadful and fully supports the “wash it down the sink” attitude. Really, if someone offers you a friendship cake it’s an invitation to go nuts looking for ingredients and margarine tubs. Just bin it. (And they tend to be awful cakes, too.)

On a similarly foodie note, a review of last week’s Homage 2 Fromage has shown up on Tonight’s Menu; if you ever think cheeses with bits in are the work of evil men then prepare to have your mind blown.

If you’re free tonight Leeds Skeptics are meeting in the Vic to discuss The Geek Manifesto and how it relates to politics. Interesting stuff!

Don’t forget to vote for Police Commissioner tomorrow – if you don’t vote you can’t whine about the result.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you tomorrow!

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