Leeds Today: So long Yorkshire Post, on yer bike and allotments.

Morning all! It’s a misty November morning, but we’re out trekking through the fog of local news to bring you the truffles of interest. Or something like that.

First up is the huge, exciting news of the Police Commissioner elections. No? Not exciting? Barely know anything about them? Seems like you’re in the majority. It will be interesting to see what the impact of this election will be, as voter apathy seems high.

Today sees the Yorkshire Post and Evening Post staff move out of the iconic-if-ugly Yorkshire Post building on Wellington Street. I’d love for someone to move in and make it a home, but it’s probably more likely to get knocked down as it’s sat on a prime chunk of land. The staff aren’t wheeling their office chairs very far though, as they’re moving more or less next door.

There’s an article in the YEP about being gay and allotments. It’s a stupid article to my mind, as surely nobody thinks that your sexual orientation affects whether you get an allotment or not, and clearly the information is gathered for equality statistics (seriously, it says it on the form), but it allows me to link to some excellent information about equality statistics from Stonewall, as a counter-offer to the YEP.

East Street Arts are looking for your help. Do you have a bicycle you could lend them for a couple of hours for a project? I bet loads of people have bikes that only get used in the summer, so if that’s you, why not dust off your bell and offer them a backsie*?

In the grand tradition of ‘everything must be compared to another thing’, there’s a new Leeds-based television show that’s apparently like The Inbetweeners and Girls. I think that makes it sound a bit rubbish, but as these things usually end up not at all like what they’ve been compared to, I’ll still be watching; and I love that Leeds seems to be the backdrop to more and more television programmes. Now we just need some Hollywood agents to fall in love with the Yorkshire Post building and we’re all set.

*I’m not sure if a backsie is a curiously thing from my youth. It’s a term used to describe giving someone a lift on a bicycle, and is not as sexual as it sounded as I typed it out.

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2 Responses to Leeds Today: So long Yorkshire Post, on yer bike and allotments.

  1. Offer them a backsie. That’s disgusting. I’m disgusted.

  2. Rachel Connor says:

    Backsies were called ‘takies’ in my neck of the woods (Liverpool!) ☺

    Rachel Connor
    Social Media Officer
    StepChange Debt Charity


    P Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.

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