Leeds today: teapots, nail varnish, £30m, LUFC, Mondo, Geek, Thought Bubble, Hope&Social, Kenny, Canvas and cocktails.

Hellooooooooo Leeds (and everywhere else)! It is FRIDAY. Time for Tiswas, Crunchies, letting your hair down and kicking back.

And where best to start kicking back with a guide to winter cocktails in Leeds from the Leeds List? Oh, yes. Cocktails for recovering after a hard day in the cold. We particularly like the look of the Steaming Snowman.

Speaking of the cold, you might want to check out Elly’s guide to understanding coats, if you’re of a fashionable bent. Basically: wear coats, guys and gals! Purple people are not attractive.

If you are glamming up for the winter season then please be careful with your nail polish. A house fire was started with careless use of nail polish remover in North Allerton, and as we all know hair straighteners & curling tongs are a serious cause of household accidents. Be careful out there.

The Leeds Student has a report that falling student numbers has causes Headingley businesses to lose out to the tune of £30m, which is more than just pocket change. Do you think this is accurate? BGL regularly spends time up in H’ley and it seems as busy as ever – could this just be an impact from recession?

Leeds comedian Hayden Cohen is appearing at Seven in Chapel Allerton this weekend; Age of the Geek is a show about how the Geeks have inherited the earth. Staring longingly into the heart of all things Geeky, this will entertain you through our impending technological doom. It was a bit of a hit in Embra. Anyway! Details are available here.

What do you think of Arts in Leeds? There was a meeting this week (that BGL was invited to but we couldn’t make) about how to start over with a clean canvas. Responses to the meeting have been interesting; Ian Bloomfield attended and had a few choice words to say about the meeting and how much it will achieve, and Culture Vultures very own Phil Kirby makes his point as eloquently as usual. Having been to our own fair share of Action! meetings in the past we sympathise.

Ok, let’s have some sports news now. Go Sports! Leeds Online has a roundup of just what the hell is going on with Leeds United and the takeover. Interesting reading, and makes football more accessible to people who prefer not kicking a ball around a field. Right, that’s the end of the sports news.

Leeds supergroup (we can call them that now, can’t we?) Hope & Social have a new album out, and are doing a gig at the Brudenell next week. We love H&S (and some of us are going to the Xmas gig in the Otley Courthouse) and look forwards to what the new album might bring. You should too – give them a listen, and see what you think.

Do you like dancing? Do you like tea? Then you will love Teapots & Twirls on the 25th, a great way of spending a Sunday afternoon; dancing with tea and cake. What could possibly go wrong?

A bit closer to now, tonight sees the opening of the Olly Moss curated Mondo So Far at the White Cloth Gallery. You will have seen Mondo’s takes on film posters all over the internet in recent months (we’re huge fans of the work that comes out of that studio) and this is an exciting exhibition.

Also tonight, LIFF starts winding down for another year with a screening of 2001 at the town hall tonight, as well as many more films left in the programme. It has been a great year for the film festival, and we look forwards to seeing what next year brings. But if you can’t wait that long for your indie cinema, Minicine will be showing Kenny at Armley Mills next Thursday (22nd).

That’s it for another week! We’ll be at Thought Bubble over the weekend – if you’re there say hello! – and are seriously looking forwards to it. If you’re at a loose end then come along, because it’ll be brilliant. You can still buy advance tickets up to 2pm today (Friday), but there will be tickets on the door as well.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you on Monday!

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