Leeds today: Changing Lives, Changing Times, Parks (Middleton & Roundhay), The Fleece, Made in Leeds

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Hello, Kathleen here. Welcome to your daily dose of news nitbits!

South Leeds’ revamped centrepiece is fit and ready for park business. Middleton park’s new visitor centre, which sits besides the Leeds parks’s lake will host events held by Friends of Middleton Park (FOMP) and will act as a cafe run by people with learning disabilities.

The Fleece in Otley has a great new team on board! including Simon Miller as head chef and Oliver Renton as manager who have been given free reign to create a gastro-pub menu.

Roundhay park has celebrated it’s 140th birthday! North Leeds News has a fascinating article which tells you a lot of interesting facts about Roundhay. Par example, the park was originally set aside as a gift for Ilbert De Lacy by William the Conqueror as a reward for his loyalty!

There is some exciting news for Leeds’ media scene. Following the depressing shut last week of iconic Leeds building, which housed The Yorkshire Post and Evening Post, there is a new building which is waiting to hopefully fill its place. The Leeds Media & Broadcasting Centre, which is at the bottom of Chapeltown Road and is the old Leeds Jewish Institute, could become home to an entire newsroom and production team, as The Guardian Northerner tells.

There is a fantastic piece on The Guardian today which talks about challenges the views and stereotypes of disabled people. The artcile focuses heavily on the fantastic Sonali Shah who is a research fellow at the University of Leeds and the Changing Lives Changing Times project which involved three workshops over schoolsnin Leeds.This is an issue which is close to my heart, and coincides with Disability History Month, which starts today.

That’s it for today! It’s a Beyond Guardian Leeds meeting tonight so if you have any ideas you won’t to share with the team then get in touch!

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