Leeds today: Parks, Police, Planning, Paxman, Politics, and Present (shopping).

Hello Leeds! It’s Friday! Time to run around like muppets at the end of the Muppet Show!

We knew it would be a bit of a debacle but the full extent of the PCC election in Leeds has finally come to light; turnout was 13.6% according to the YEP. Last Thursday saw the worst-attended election in history take place and install Police commissioners along party political lines. Eleven polling stations in Leeds saw fewer than 20 voters, with one – at Bodington Hall in Weetwood – getting nobody. I thought students were political animals. Perhaps not those living there.

Also in the YEP is a bit of new as to what the PCC will be doing – hunting for a new Chief Constable and sorting out the proceeds of crime money. The article notes that £5k of Mr Burns-Williamson’s salary will be going into a special bank account for this money. Oh, the irony.

A new data centre is going to be built on Leeds’ “South Bank”, apparently. What is this “South Bank” malarky? Glad you asked: from the article it appears that the data centre will be on the former Yorkshire Chemicals land in Hunslet, and the South Bank itself covers an enormous geographical area:

The surrounding area is a mixture of uses including residential, offices and retail, at Brewery Wharf, Indigo Blu, New Dock, Leeds City Office Park and Crown Point Retail Park.

I think we should lobby for the next boho indie quarter in Leeds to be called the Left Bank. Oh, wait a minute

In the same planning meeting that approved the data centre – expect more announcements on developments over the coming days – the Sovereign St Park development was approved (Leeds Online). The city needs more green spaces but – we’ve said it before – can we please have somewhere to sit down in them? Like a bench? Maybe?

Leeds boy Jeremy Paxman apparently presents Newsnight without his trousers (occasionally). “Trouserless Fridays” are a regular thing here at BGL Towers, although in order to maintain standards kilts are mandatory at such times.

An interesting article on Europe from The Northerner; euroskepticism is bridging the North/South divide. To be honest this article provoked hilarity at BGL towers because it isn’t. Most people couldn’t give a the tiniest hoot about Europe, unless they get whipped up into a frenzy by the Mail or redtops spouting bullshit about banana curve ratios or how much money we’re giving to turnip farmers in Estonia. It is a vocal minority, and the writer should have known better.

What ave we got coming up this weekend, then? Well, we’ve already mentioned the Kirkstall Christmas Market on Sunday, and we’re going to be heading along to Hell in a Handcart courtesy of Culture Vultures and Leeds Brewery tonight. There’s also Leeds Feline Friends Christmas Fair on Saturday, at St Margaret’s Church Hall in Horsforth, and if you feel like doing a bit of culture there’s the 1913: The Shape of Time exhibition on at the HMI which opened yesterday.

Do you have events going on this weekend? Let us know in the comments!

We have some changes in the works coming up here at BGL Towers, and December will see a slightly different BGL, January an even more different one and February will blow your socks off. We’ll have more detail on that next week, but in the meantime have a great weekend and we’ll see you bright and breezy on Monday.

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  1. There are benches visible in all four mockup pictures here: http://newsfeed.leedsvirtualnewsroom.co.uk/2012/11/green-light-for-sovereign-street-green.html

    It’s true that they’re just around the outside and not in the middle, though.

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