Leeds today: edible beds, iPod births and floods.

Ed’s note: sorry, but once again technical reasons have got in the way. This is Tuesday’s newspost, on a Wednesday. We’ll have Wednesdays up at lunchtime.

Happy lunchtime lovelies. Elly here (or @ebsnare, if you will) bringing you up to speed with your news this Tuesday.

If you’ve affected by the torrential rain and flooding sweeping across parts of the country, or even if you’re just concerned, then check out the Guardian Northerner’s live flood blog.

Also in flood news, Wetherby racecourse has cancelled the planned meeting for Wednesday, as parts of the course are feet deep in water.

More Arena bands have been announced to help JLS (bleurgh) really get the roof raised (once it’s finished, natch): yes, it’s slightly-boring-but-maybe-used-to-be-cool Kaiser Chiefs. Tickets are on sale Friday, so fill yer boots.

Oh em geez, the search for free and reliable wi-fi in Leeds is coming to an end. Leeds Citizen reports on Briggate and Millennium Square receiving the hallowed, ethereal stuff by March 2013. Boom time! We just need more benches and also some sort of shelter now.

Fancy being the next Charlie Dimmock or Alan Titchmarsh? Leeds Council has a competition to design an edible flower bed to sit outside Leeds Civic Hall – check out the website for all the details, including more information about the Feed Leeds project. Guardian Northerner also has a lovely piece on the project too.

About to pop a sprog? Marvellous. You can now give birth and wail along to your favourite tunes with a new birth centre, opening at Bradford Royal Infirmary, that has iPod docks in every room. Fancy!

Delicious grub at Kirkstall Abbey? Yes please (says Leeds Grub).

Everyone loves a HEATED DEBATE, so the inquiry into the proposed pedestrian entrance for Leeds Railway Station will be welcomed by some. Personally, I think the mock-up looks like a giant golden helmet, and not in a good way.

That’s it for today – enjoy yourself (it’s later than you think) and see you next week!

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