Leeds today: ‘tache, fares, trains, allotments, apprentices, State of the City and Trinity.

Hello! Mike here, with today’s news post.

One of the worst-kept secrets in education has finally been announced: Leeds Trinity is to become a University. This now means we have three universities in Leeds, and of the ten new institutions given university status today Trinity is the only one in Yorkshire. Well done!

The public inquiry into the southern entrance to the train station begins today. This is the second iteration of this enquiry; at the last one a member of the BGL research team attended, reporting that “they hand you a leaflet whilst looking astonished that you bothered to turn up.” The Southern Entrance is an expensive affair which might shave three minutes off the walking-to-work time for people employed south of the river. Still, it looks pretty.

While we’re talking about rail travel, although not specific to Leeds the Telegraph has this gem of a sentence about the rail fare increases due next year:

This system allows rail firms to charge people more from stations where there is no realistic alternative to rail travel and less where there is an alternative to persuade commuters to travel by train.

Seriously, what?

This rolls neatly into a story from the YEP about the launch of an inquiry into bus services by Leeds City Council’s sustainable economy and culture scrutiny board. Passengers are telling the enquiry that they’re unhappy with the fares paid, the cleanliness of the buses and timetabling. BGL Towers takes the bus most days (when not walking or cycling), and is fed up of getting on a bus which is running ahead of timetable, because it has overtaken a bus that is running behind timetable, which then sits at a stage stop for ten minutes while the “late” bus steams past. This happens most mornings, and inevitably causes late arrival at work. Frustrating!

A story we at BGL have been keeping an eye on; the Victoria Allotments in Rothwell have been saved for another ten years. After a lengthy process of persuading the leaseholder to re-lease the land to LCC instead of selling them off after the previous lease expired the allotments are safe for the time being. The ink isn’t dry so there could be a further twist to this tale but fingers are crossed.

There’s a new Apprenticeship Agency opening in Leeds this week[1]. The Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) will act as a broker matching apprentices with businesses looking for staff. ATA is a collaboration between LCC and Leeds City College (which could get acronymically confusing) who do a great job in training apprentices and vocational skills. It’s an interesting idea and we hope it does well.

Starting in half an hour is a meeting on the Present and Future of Leeds at the Civic. The meeting will discuss the annual State of the City report which looks at key areas of life in Leeds. There’s some guest speakers, too. Well, let’s hope the future is brighter for Leeds at the end of the day, then.

Finally today, Harvey Nicks is hosting a Movember Closing Party, and you can get your ‘tache shaved, trimmed or otherwise worked upon by their pop-up barbershop. How nice!

That’s it for today, thanks for reading and we’ll see you tomorrow!

[1] FTR, “to skill” is not the best example of verbing a noun to come across in an article about education.

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