Leeds today: Bond, Elton, fire!, cuts, LGHS, fizz, Timor, Turner, Leftbank and dragon.

Hello again, Joe here bringing you the latest local news and the best of what this fair city can offer. There are plenty reports of drinking ahead but everyone likes a drink, don’t they?

The Church formerly known as St Margaret of Antioch has undergone a radical change over the past few years. Now known as Left Bank Leeds and located on Cardigan Road, it’s now a harbourer of events and this week the team are bringing us an exploration of the Christmas nativity story. ADVENTurous will be held everyday from now until the 16th and will surely be a way of raising and enlivening festive spirits. I can already hear the pangs for mulled wine, do not fear as the team have promised to provide the traditional in this new vision of an old tale.

Yorkshire born artist Elizabeth Price was presented with the prestigious Turner Prize for her contributions by none other than Jude Law. Accepting the award in the Tate Britain her win has been acknowledged by the press as a “worthy” choice for a “genuinely interesting artist”. Price’s work reflects a Warhol like meditation on consumer culture and our relationship with the media as well as the inanimate through the use of video. Others to have won the prize include Damien Hirst and filmmaker Steve McQueen.

Face of Dragon’s Den Deborah Meaden visited the Ilkley brewery which won her efforts as mentor for 12months through a scheme backed by David Cameron. The brewery owner, Chris Ives, found Meaden’s visit and insights “extremely useful” and are looking forward to advancing the business with her experience.

In 1991, Wharfdale local Peter Gordon led a Yorkshire film crew to capture the brutal injustices happening in south-east Asia. Hearing of events from the radio he was moved to investigate East Timor, the finished documentary shocked and moving the world. 20 years on Gordon has revisited Timor to see how it has survived the Indonesian invasion which massacred hundreds of lives.

After the recent release of Skyfall in which James Bond celebrated his 50th birthday, it’s no wonder that creator Ian Fleming and his legacy have been delved into even further than before. The new book, ‘Ian Fleming and SOE’s Operation Postmaster: The Untold Story’ reveals that the undercover World War Two agents behind the mission that supposedly inspired the world of Bond were in fact from Yorkshire. Though one of the four men had no connection to the north, the other three came from Linton on Wharf near Wetherby, and the village of Ampleforth. Now that’s something to be proud about as this new book lay claim that the James Bond character is an amalgamation of these four men whose mission ‘Postmaster’ was a catalytic real life event for the much loved franchise.

The Epernay Champagne Bar in the heart of Leeds offer midweek champagne and cocktail workshops. It’s opportunities like these that cannot be missed during the dark months, how else are you supposed to show off in front of the family over Christmas?

Quick stop presses from Mike & Ally, now:

We have a BGL Exclusive! There was a fire at the market! In the early hours of this morning two fire engines were at the market, owing to a lot of smoke in the Boots at the front. It was sorted by 8am. Perhaps not quite so exciting as we’d made out.

A workshop for PCCs in Brum saw precisely two PCCs show up. One of them was ours. Not inspiring us to accept the role if there’s no engagement, guys (but well done Mark).

Offered without comment: Elton John will be the first act at the Arena. Less any support acts, of course, because they don’t count.

Despite saving £145m over two years LCC is planning another £51m of cuts in the new year. Merry Christmas, folks. Merry Christmas.

Finally today, the Leeds Citizen reports that a planning row over what to do with the Leeds Girls High School site has dragged in the public health chief, who is using the argument that we need accessible sports and green space facilities in the area, not more housing and shops. He’s right, too.

Ok, we’re done for today! See you Friday.

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