Leeds today: crocodiles, chocolate fireguards, secret leeds, books, citizens, genes and FOOD!

Morning Leeds! Today is the sort of day that I’d love to take off and go walking in the peaks. Instead, dedication is all here at BGL, so here is today’s news!

The Leeds Citizen wonders why people are so disengaged with local politics that the Citizens’ Panel, which is struggling to get people of certain demographics, has had one person in the 18-24 bracket sign up, and comes up with an alternative. A good read, as always. I understand that we’re all busy but when people complain that the world is run by old white men this is a good example of the reasons in microcosm.

One of our favourite websites, Secret Leeds, dropped off the Web a few weeks ago and has made a triumphant return after an admin deleted 6Gb of useless log files, freeing up space on the server. “If in doubt check how much disk space you have” are words to live by.

Tropical World is getting a bit of a refurb next year, which is lovely. One of the things included in this work is a crocodile enclosure and viewing bridge which will cross over the modernised dinosaurs. It’s not like they’re getting any more crocs, it’s just the three they got back in 2009 have grown so much they need new living space. You can’t just flush them down the loo, you know. And they’re all cute when they’re tiny, but just wait until they grow up…

A drop into a croc pit might be the only thing that can save the Lib Dems in the North. The Northerner takes a look at how the three main parties are faring in the North in terms of stats, beginning with the Lib Dems. It’s not pretty reading.

Cafe Scientifique is at The Leeds City Museum on Sunday, 11.30am, on ‘Epigenetics: communication between genome and environment’. Public lectures like this are starting to come back into fashion – they were all the rage in the 18th & 19th centuries – and need to be encouraged! Epigenetics is a fascinating topic, on how genes can “switch off” in response to an environment, a bit like fast localised hereditary evolution.

Wondering what to do for lunch? We’re not. It’s the Northern StrEats street food festival on Briggate this weekend. It started yesterday, and organiser Andy Critchett tells us that chefs from Create, The Hungry Gecko, Fish&, Riverplate, El Topo, Van 29, The Greedy Bassetts and more will be hanging out. Well worth poking your nose into.

We’re having a bit of a bookish day today; there’s an exhibition at the Central Library of landscapes through books, and tomorrow the Leeds Library is having a book sale. Come early, as otherwise I’ll have bought everything. I’m not kidding.

Mick McCann is in Waterstones all day today signing copies of his books, including How Leeds Changed the World, or alternatively having a nice game of hide-and-seek (as per his tweet this morning).

That’s it for the news! This afternoon we’ll have Leeds Book Club’s monthly post about books and literature and all kinds of stuff – really, not to be missed! Apart from that, have a lovely weekend and we’ll see you on Monday!

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  1. Anna B says:

    I’ve been really impressed with the Briggate markets! I’m starting to enjoy Leeds again after living here for 14 years and feeling like it was missing some of the culture that other cities like Manchester exhibit. I used to work out of Leeds city centre and also over in Manchester but now I have a job in town I have started exploring and am finding some real hidden gems.

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