Leeds Today: housing, culture, politics and photos.

Today’s BGL is later than late but we’ve got plenty of stories for you to get your teeth into, so no fear there. Plus we’re blaming it on the ice. Ice. Baby.

The Guardian has another article in the series on how the political parties did in 2012: this time it’s Labour.

With the cost of university (and other forms of education) rising, it’s pleasing to see Leeds University joining a number of others in offering certain online learning resources for free as part of an initiative with the Massively Open Online Courses.

That totally cool building near Park Square, Brotherton House (the one with the column of windows where the stairwell sits) is set to be re-developed in 2013; here’s hoping we all get to make use of that fab architecture!

JLS. Elton John. Miranda Hart. What’ve they all got in common?

I love this: bus companies in Leeds accepting each other’s tickets. Great idea (and means you don’t have to get First all the time).

South Leeds Life has a good article on the news that the Middleton Park golf course is threatened with closure – and there’s been little information about what would happen to the grounds afterwards.

And elsewhere in Leeds, the Leeds Citizen has some news on the PFI housing debacle. The work is now due to start early next year after hold ups from the council.

Some fabulous photos of 2012 in the North, including a dressed up bulldog, an Olympian and some very atmospheric shots of a job centre.

Fancy getting cultural this Christmas? Behold, a useful list of all the opening hours for Leeds museums and galleries this season!

Tonight it’s Tinsel Ting at Outlaws Yacht Club from 8pm, a Christmas party for freelancers and general fun people – come on down! I have to go home and make myself normal before I arrive (yeh, good luck with that). See you later!

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