Leeds today: local journalism, what to do, lots of keep fit and firefighters on stage.

Helloooooo Leeds!

Interesting post on local news yesterday by Richard Horsman of Trinity University. Back when we were kids we only had two TV channels, as ITV always looked like a snowstorm. Nostalgia! I almost found myself regretting the internet there for a moment. Then came to my senses.

Over on Leeds Online, we have Wendy’s things to see and do this week. Cafe Sci? Clandestine Cake? Beer festivals? I should think so. January should be about moderation, not abstinence. It’s miserable enough.

If the new year has given you impetus to get fit, the YEP has some advice and ideas for races to run. It isn’t a comprehensive calendar for races in Leeds but it’s a starting point.

Of course if you want something a bit tricker to tackle York is starting its own marathon. We can do this thing.

We noticed that Outlaws Yacht Club has a running club, 7pm on Monday nights: @VeggieRunnersUK on Twitter for more details. It’s a friendly group, and probably ideal for transitioners who have finished C25K and want to step it up a bit.

Leeds List has the top 10 iPad apps for health and fitness. Hm. I think iPads are bulky at the best of times, so I’m not exactly gong to be lugging one around on the Abbey Dash.

With Le Tour coming here in 2014, is it just us who thinks the large banner on the front of the Town Hall is a bit much for such a long time? Someone commented on Twitter that anyone getting married there is going to be a bit miffed. But we should still be pretty pleased about the Tour kicking off here in Leeds. It will be a party, and then some.

And finally we have the wonderful Leeds firefighters who have raised £10,000 for charities by taking part in a stage show. Obviously this is disgraceful objectification of valuable members of society but well done to them.

Sorry we’re a bit light today – there’s not that much going on I’m afraid. We’re back on Friday with more news & views, we’ll see you then!

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5 Responses to Leeds today: local journalism, what to do, lots of keep fit and firefighters on stage.

  1. dakegra says:

    Is the banner for Le Tour going to be up until 2014? Probably just until the official launch next week, I’d imagine! 🙂

  2. Stop bloody apologising for stuff! This is a perfect length. (fnar fnar etc etc) The more you apologise, the more you look like you have stuff to apologise for. Be proud of what you’re doing, not apologetic!

  3. Our Outlaw Runners club (Mondays 7pm @ Outlaws Yacht Club) is open to everyone. We do minimum 3 miles, generally 5-6. People with some experience of running are welcome. Routes are designed to let you run your own distance though. If you’ve just started or are getting back in to running, you’ll be able to run shorter distances until you feel ready for longer ones. And you don’t have to be a vegetarian to join us! (We’re the organisers but we won’t check your lunch box. So to speak :s )

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