Leeds today: pennies, soup, Moore, gongoozling, SNOW, Bennett, Burmantofts, Ford, Mill and trolleybus.

Hello! It’s perishing cold and I’m about to head off to the People of Leeds birthday party, but here’s what’s what in Leeds today!

Marks & Spencer is returning to its roots in Leeds Kirkgate Market. One suspects there will be little on the stall costing a penny, but it’s a nice bit of PR nonetheless.

Simon on the Streets needs help finding a new location for its soup run. What Simon on the Streets needs is a new city centre pitch, large enough for four to five cars and available for two hours on a Tuesday evening, and with the cold this is more important than ever. Can you help? Do you know anybody who can help? Please get in touch with the charity.

We see it every day and will miss it while it is away, the Henry Moore statue outside Leeds Art Gallery is going off to Amsterdam on loan. Enjoy it, Netherlanders. What should we put in its place? Someone on twitter suggested stocks, earlier. Stocks should probably go a bit closer to the courts. Or banks.

Are you a gongoozler (a person who enjoys watching activity on the canals, and at locks)? Become a volunteer for the Canal and River Trust in Leeds (one for the summer, perhaps? Brrr.)

The trolleybus is in the news twice today, first as some think it will increase congestion. (This seems a silly argument, as those being ‘congested’ are those who refuse to get out of their cars anyway. No sympathy here.) Second, because of the route. Honestly.

An appeal is launched to restore church paintings by Emily Ford in All Souls’ in Backman Lane, Leeds. Is this a good use of people’s resources? Depends on whether you like Ford, I suppose. The article is worth reading for the beard.

An excellent investment story for Hainsworth mill near Pudsey – I wish this happened more often to boost companies!

The West Yorkshire Playhouse is seeking stories of Burmantofts, say Leeds Online.

Also on Leeds Online is a tale where Alan Bennett appears on Family Guy. Can’t really see the likeness, but hey…

If you didn’t get enough snow, here are some pics from around the region and finally is news that snowmageddon might hit this weekend. Note we said “might” there.

Ok, have fun and we’ll see you on Friday!

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