Leeds today: it’s all about bikes and snow. Plus recession, horse and skeptics.

Today, our researcher Alison Neale takes a step into writing the whole article. Wish her well! And Ally, thank you for all your hard work.

So, even if you can’t ride a bike, you’ll probably know that Yorkshire is getting Le grand départ and the first two stages of the Tour de France. Last night they announced the route (though I’d still like to know exactly where it’s going within Leeds).

And here’s an interesting debate: is the cost worth it in these recession-hit times? What value will it bring to Yorkshire – can that value be put in monetary terms?

If you have children, here’s the page to check for school closure updates. As of typing, none closed. Sorry kids!! Might be a chance after the weekend, though…

We’ve all heard the horse jokes this week. (My personal view is that I’d have been less bothered if the supermarkets had known they were putting horse meat in the burgers. The fact that they still can’t quite identify the source makes you wonder what on earth is in the product!) Anyway, on the positive side, people might reconsider using the wonderful butchers in Leeds Kirkgate Market. This is where I get the little meat I eat and I’ve been amazed at how different it tastes to the cardboard you get in the average supermarket.

A fire in Shipley means that a bingo hall will have to be demolished and Shipley train station is still closed until later on today.

One for northern film peeps: the White Cloth gallery is hosting the UpNorth Short Film Night. Should be interesting.

So, what’s on this weekend? Personally I’m off to the Print Fair of Leeds Print Festival on Saturday. Leeds Book Club LBC#3 is also on Saturday in Café 164. This is the one where we get three months to read the book and still end up reading it the night before 🙂 Plus it’s Leeds Skeptics in the Pub weekend, too. The theme is ‘Stereotype Threat’.

Of course, if it snows, scratch this – my priority will be building a snowman. Stay warm, check up on vulnerable neighbours and watch out for that ice. Enjoy the weekend!

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