Leeds Today: Bikes. It’s always bikes. And trolleybus. There’s always a trolleybus.

Good morning! The snow is melting and the gritters are taking a tea-break, so it’s about time we did another installment of BGL. Up today you get two for the price of one, as Alison has done the hard work of finding all the juicy news for you, but I (Kirsty) get to make all the judgements on the news that’s being reported. Which suits us both.

First up is big news for Yorkshire Sculpture Park – the YEP are reporting that there are plans afoot to change the old Bretton Hall campus into a huge hotel and business centre. I didn’t get into Bretton Hall when it was part of Leeds University, so it will be nice to finally get to go there.

We have absolutely no idea what this means, but we think Bradford are to be congratulated for something footbally? Then again, if they play against Leeds, perhaps not? Do we like Bradford? Either way, here’s some sports news. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever said that on BGL.

The lovely Wendy, who is Leeds’ premier social butterfly, has put up her list of what to do in Leeds this week over at Leedsonline:

And if you are getting out and about round Leeds, have you thought about doing it without four wheels of your own? There’s an article about giving up the car over at The Culture Vulture – a topic that’s been asked a few times in the past. I think Leeds is one of the few places you can survive easily without a car, even with the sometimes dodgy bus services we have.

Also in public transport news, consultation on the trolleybus starts today in Hyde Park/Woodhouse. Because apparently we’re not allowed a monorail. The full list of dates of the consultation is here.

Back over on CV, there’s an article about Ciclovia (literally meaning cycle route or way), which is where cities close off streets for bike riders. I’m not sure where it would work in Leeds without massive disruption to buses etc, perhaps around New Dock (is it still called New Dock? Liberty Dock keeps getting mentioned. New New Dock maybe)? Would you come out and ride your bicycle?

Relating to bikes (I have a feeling Leeds is going to get a bit bike-crazy in the lead up to next summer), here’s a tiny bit more detail: Le Tour will start outside the Town Hall, according to the Leeds City Council website. (Alison would like to know if they’re going around town, or just straight out. Kirsty would like to know how to possibly avoid the bikes at all costs.)

A massively underpromoted event, Holocaust Memorial Day is being remembered on 27 January (this Sunday). Leeds List have an article about it – it’s honestly a really interesting day, different every year, and not at all as maudlin as it sounds.

Leeds City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) are looking for new Chair and board members. I can’t even comment on this, because I don’t really understand what they do, but if you want to get involved, here you go.

And what Alison has termed a light-hearted ending, here’s a Leeds bridge cleaner getting revenge for snowballs being thrown at them. Whilst I in no way endorse people throwing snowballs at other people without mutual consent, I do have to wonder what that spray of the hose did to the pavement when it froze. The ice rink is meant to be in Millennium Square. Still, it sent Leeds viral for a few fickle, fickle internet hours.

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  1. This was the first I’d heard of “Liberty Dock” – Googling around it looks like Liberty is a brand name (for a private student residence company) and they have renamed the former Leeds Uni residences in Clarence Dock, but the official name for the dock itself is still going to be New Dock.

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