Leeds today: shops, snowballs, parks, investigations, boots, fashion, Tetley and awards.

IT’S THE WEEKEND! Nearly. Hellooooo Leeds. Today’s news is brought to you from Alison.

More snow is possibly on the way this afternoon and overnight, but turning to lots of rain over the weekend. In the meantime, it is getting colder out there and I’ve seen ice forming in the city centre. People are slipping up all over my Twitter timeline, so do take care!

Snow and ice have already stopped play for the gumboots day in the bed of the Leeds-Liverpool canal at the Dowley Gap aqueduct. We included a link to this canal opening a few weeks ago, but it has been delayed until February.

If you’re not sick of snow and ice by now (not me!), then head over to Millennium Square for the Ice Cube. Details are here on how to book ahead, as it’s bound to be popular

Talking of open spaces in Leeds, almost £400,000 has been awarded to ‘spruce up’ Queen’s Park, Rodley Park and a community garden in Woodhouse.

It’s Burns Night tonight. I wasn’t aware it was celebrated anywhere outside Scotland, but people seem to be talking about it in Leeds. Is this a recent thing? Anyway, here’s some ideas of where and how to celebrate it. I know Outlaws Yacht Club are doing a single malt tour of Scotland, for example.

So our new shopping centre Trinity opens soon. I find it hard to get excited about this as I loathe shopping (except for books and technology), but far be it from me to deny others. According to BBC Look North it is apparently going to bring in new jobs. If this is of interest to you, keep an eye on the careers website. Odd, though, as many of the shops being mentioned as opening in the mall are already elsewhere in the city centre. Does this mean there will be two branches, or will other areas suddenly be full of empty shops? I guess we’ll soon see…

Mr Citizen tells us about an investigation launched into the closure last November of West Park Centre on Spen Lane, north Leeds…

Aspiring writers, please note: the deadline to the Northern Writers’ Awards is imminent.

An excellent volunteering programme has acknowledged the work of 22 migrant women who help newcomers to Leeds settle in.

Ah, that London bias, this time in fashion. As a former Londoner, I know how easy it is to get caught up in the ‘centre of the Earth’ feeling there. Leeds needs to shout louder about how utterly fabulous this city is. Or perhaps not: then everyone would move here!

Finally, more news on the Tetley Brewery site, and Project Space Leeds’ plan to create a ‘contemporary visual arts centre’. I love the proposed name: ‘The Tetley’!

Have a fantastic weekend everybody and we’ll catch you on Monday!

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