Leeds today: trains, Grimshaw, Live, housing, journos, Augustus, luck and film.

Hello Leeds! It’s been a bit of an exciting week here at BGL Towers what with all the news and everything. So! Here it is!

After much waiting and waiting, all of a sudden the HS2 route has been announced. A very good (PDF) map of the route is available from gov.uk. Now: look where it goes. People who are going to be affected by this weren’t told in advance, which is pretty poor showing by TPTB who are probably snowed under by tweets, texts, emails, phone calls and even the occasional letter from people who are angrily arguing that this waste of money that will only bring economic benefit to London is going to pass right through their bathroom, and really nobody commuting to work on HS2 needs to see them showering in the morning.

There’s (of course!) a heated debate on Culture Vulture.

In other news:

Live at Leeds line-up has been announced. I don’t recognise any names at all. I think this makes us officially old.

Planning permission is being sought for the former University of Leeds Bodington Hall site in Adel. Apparently 160 new homes are being planned there with 15% being “affordable housing” – whatever that means, although it only affects 24 houses there anyway – after the halls were closed last July.

Have you spent any time with me in an art gallery? You’ll know I love Grimshaw, in that case. A rare Grimshaw watercolour is now on display at Leeds Art Gallery, having been purchased at auction. This makes me very happy indeed. Go & see it (and all the others they have there).

Dean Lane bridge, near Yeadon, will be closed from 4 February 2013 to 4 March 2013. The thing here is that the bridge walls are showing “significant deterioration” which is never a good thing. Motorists will be diverted, but you probably know the alternative routes up there anyway.

Holocaust Memorial Day was at the weekend; it’s a sad day, made worse by the fact that each year there are fewer and fewer survivors left to tell their tale. One Holocaust survivor living in Leeds told her story to the Guardian. It’s well worth reading.

Tonight is Up North Short Film Night at White Cloth Gallery. Go! It’ll be fun!

Leeds is the luckiest place to live, apparently. *Yawn* yeah, yeah, tell me something I don’t know…

This week’s @PeopleofLeeds person, Dr Penny Goodman is giving a talk on the Roman Emperor Augustus on Thursday, at the City Museum at 13.15. One of us is going to try to be there!

Finally, the Guardian has an article on the advantages of journalism training in local media. Interesting stuff – and appropriate for this age. Surfing the zeitgeist, that’s us.

That’s it for today! We’ll see you on Friday. Have a good couple of days.

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