Leeds today: blofeld, YSP, market, Harrison, TV, flute, Bizzares, classes and Upstaged.

Good morning! I think this Monday post should be subtitled: things Naziya is getting up to that I think you might like, so let’s start with those.

Leeds seems to have a fabulous amount of exhibitions dedicated to photography such as One by One…by the way at Leeds Gallery, a collection of backstage images from photographer Tony Woolliscroft who toured with the Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chili Peppers for two decades.

And it’s not just touring photographers that are making a cinematographic impact in the city.  The Studio Upstairs, managed by the talented Mr Christian Gallagher, is nestled above vintage treasure trove Upstaged, behind the Corn Exchange.   If you want promotional product shots; dedicated 1-1 tuition in improving your own camera skills; or simply, as I was, to be made to feel like a total screen goddess, then this is the place you want.

The Stanley and Audrey Burton theatre always have unique musical choices such as this Friday’s Flute and Harp duo from Northern Ballet Sinfonia, but it’s the international Turkish dance sell-out One day in Istanbul that I want to draw your eye to, particularly as I’m going to be in it with this Bizzarre lot.

If last Friday’s bonkers (but in a really good way) burlesque offering at the New Bradford Playhouse was anything to go by then it seems as if ‘Bang Tidy Burlesque’ nights are going from strength to strength. Their next offering takes place in Halifax in a fortnight. Closer to home, Leeds Burlesque also offers courses, workshops and events.

I did not, however, ride the wheel, although I did trundle past.

Good news for young people: thirteen youth based projects worth over £100,000 in funding have been approved in the South Leeds area. The range includes ‘cooking classes, dance classes, bike maintenance and training for young junior reporters.’ The council have also agreed to a public consultation for the expansion of six primary schools from September 2014.

Leeds has a local TV channel! Aiming to start their broadcast in November this year, Made in Leeds were the Ofcom backed winners of a competition for broadcasting rights to Freeview channel 8. There’s an informed review of the contest as well as a realistic appraisal of the realities of producing exciting and consistent programming. The company are taking CVs uploaded on their website for a range of TV jobs starting in September 2013. Similarly-named “Made in Leeds” – which, confusingly, is a separate thing – is holding ‘open sessions’ for Leeds-based brands and designers who wish to be a part of a pop up clothing shop inside the new Trinity complex.

The authors of illustrated children’s book ‘Imaginarium’ are holding a book launch this Friday at Outlaws Yacht Club, a half term outing that ensures parents will be keen to attend! Another unveiling, Mistress Felt’s Creature Comforts at Colours May Vary on the 23rd, will give ‘anyone buying a copy of the book on the day…a wonderful and unique ‘creaturized’ portrait of themselves’.

The Old Grammar School’s Gallery, Otley, is the host of a new indoor arts market running from Sunday 24th; the Chippendale’s Market will ‘see some funky stalls ranging from beautiful hand- made cupcakes to artists selling art’ on the gallery’s quietest day of the week. The Togs gallery officially opened on the 12th January and February saw the gallery hold its first solo exhibition by David Johnson, whilst in March, the space will be held by Brian Watson’s ‘The Lives of Brian.

And whilst we’re talking about new art, people are getting very excited about the Yorkshire Sculpture Park’s new cultural/political exhibition Fabrication from Yinka Shonibare MBE.

Radio 4 – although striking today – has recorded and broadcast a new reading by Tony Harrison of his quite controversial poem ‘v’, in his Leeds home. When it shows up it is worth listening to.

Finally, tomorrow evening, heralds the wonderfully titled The Ernst Stavro Blofeld Memorial Lock-in. An evening for acts to ‘celebrate the little-known kinder, more gentle side of the cat-loving, secret volcanic lair-dwelling philanthropist’, takes place at Oporto on Call Lane. However, failure will not be tolerated.

Edited to reflect that “Made in Leeds” and “Made in Leeds TV” are actually two totally separate entities.

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    The Made In Leeds TV channel and the Made In Leeds shop are actually two different things, not associated with each other….

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