Leeds today: tickets, Savvas, energy, Outlaws, felt, Whitney, entrepreneurs and bite.

A cheery wave to those who stood in queues this morning to get Springsteen tickets. I hope you were in luck. The tickets seemed to have sold out by just after 9am. Good news for the popularity of the Arena. However, Leeds Citizen has been highlighting the early, inflated sale of some tickets online, and within minutes of the sell out, other tickets were up for sale at higher prices.

Book launches abound, with Gareth Jones launching his new book Imaginarium at 2pm today in Outlaws Yacht Club, with a workshop for children (and adults channelling their inner child). Leeds Online interviewed him to find out more.

Tomorrow is the turn of the Felt Mistress, with the launch of her book being held at the delightful Colours May Vary in Munro House on Duke Street.

Staying with the cultural theme, Leeds creative duo Lord Whitney unveil their latest project on Monday, in the window of Nation of Shopkeepers.

The Guardian Northerner has an interesting article on local money and Yorkshire entrepreneurs, including Leeds’ Out of the Woods and Duke Studios. Think local, people: it helps us all.

Meanwhile, people are feeling the bite from the bedroom tax and other austerity measures, as explained by South Leeds Life’s Jeremy.

If money is tight, here’s an interesting scheme from Which? and the Council to reduce energy bills by group bargaining.

It’s the final weekend for Nike Savvas at the Art Gallery and the Ice Cube in Millennium Square. Book for the latter, as it has been very busy throughout half term. I would also recommend the view from the top of the OWL. I’ll be taking my second trip on it this weekend, with visiting family members, and it won’t be my last!

Finally, a quick reminder that the inaugural Penny University will be held this Sunday in Brewbar under the Art Gallery. BGLers will be there, so do come along and say hello.

Enjoy the weekend!

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