Leeds today: clock, names, Attenborough, journos, market, empties, beer, chocolate.

Hello! Unfortunately Naziya can’t be with us today because burglars don’t really understand the knock-on effects of their actions, so you’ve got Mike bringing you the news & views on this fine Monday.

North Leeds Music Centre is staging a concert to save Oakwood Clock. The clock needs £120k of restoration doing to it, so there’s going to be a gig for fundraising:

The concert will take place on Saturday June 22 at the Parochial Hall in Oakwood, when an orchestra of around 40 musicians will showcase a mix of classical tunes, music from hit shows and well-known swing band and jazz pieces.


The legendary Anthony’s restaurant in Leeds city centre is moving location into the Corn Exchange, reports the YEP. We’re not sure what to think of this; reducing the number of sites is a good thing in these times, but what will happen to the food? Or the staff? In other restaurant news VINeataly has been forced to change its name after some European outfit with boatloads of lawyers decided that it was too similar to their own name. Pah. Anyway, if you can come up with a new name for the place you get a dish named after you, which is something to think on.

The legendary David Attenborough will be opening a new museum in Wakefield in a couple of weeks. The museum in Wakefield One is already open to visitors but the official opening will possibly see Sir David talk about naturalist and conservationist Charles Waterton, who was born and buried at Walton Hall.

This week is an exciting week at Leeds Trinity University as they host Journalism Week, where many members of the media trade will be popping in to talk to journo students about the industry and other things; alumni will be hanging around too. Events are open to many, if not all.

Friends of Kirkgate Market have put out a clarion call to lobby your MP and councillors to protect the market in a meeting on March 13th. FOLKM say:

The options for redevelopment include changes that will affect negatively those poorest in the community and could change the character of our market such as reducing its size, bringing in private developers and evicting traders.

A form letter is on their website BUT speaking as someone who has done this in the past you get better results if you tailor the letter and make it more personal. Be polite, and make it your own.

Leeds Empties week is coming up soon; there’s places available for workshops on all aspects of returning currently empty houses into useful homes across the city. In a city where there’s a housing crisis that is only going to get worse in April with the ‘bedroom tax’ introduction this is a timely and fascinating look at what can be done to alleviate the problem.

Do you have an interest in beer and chocolate? Well, the Brewery Tap is hosting the annual Dea Latis beer and chocolate tasting evening on March 19th. Limited tickets and bound to sell out quickly.

How about just chocolate? (Full disclosure: I’m self promoting here.) BGL’s Mike is running a workshop on making chocolates – truffles and the like – at the Arch Cafe on March 9th. There’s very few tickets for this one, too and even if I do say so myself this is going to be a cracking day of making stuff.

And that’s your lot for today! We’ll see you on Wednesday; thanks for reading.

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