Leeds today: marathons, running, journalism, stank hall, market, parking, Trinity and newspapers.

Pinch, punch, first day of the month. Is it spring yet? Given the obligatory daffodils for today’s St David’s Day, I think it might be! A cheery wave to anyone Welsh reading this.

Now I’m a total greeny, so when I become (benevolent) dictator, I shall ban all private cars from the road. In the meantime, for more mercenary/realistic reasons, the Council is ending free parking on Sundays and out of hours. I would like to think that this will discourage car users in the city centre, but others argue that it will just discourage shoppers bringing essential income to the city. I guess we’ll see…

FYI the previously mentioned Clay Pit Lane closure for works has been rescheduled and starts on Monday. You might want to alter your journey as a consequence.

I had heard rumours of a speakers’ corner in Leeds, and John Baron summarises the campaign for us on Guardian Northerner.

John also rounds up the blog news for us on Leeds Online.

One of the blog posts he highlights is on developments for Kirkgate Market, where the new Marks & Spencer heritage stall is soon to open. I’m an enormous fan of the Market, so anything that brings more people in is a good thing in my book.

Staying over that side of town, with 20 or so days to go until our new shopping centre Trinity opens, we’re given a first glimpse of phase one of the other one to be built: Eastgate Quarter (I notice the name has changed slightly to mirror Hammerson’s recent acquisition of Victoria Quarter). For the life of me I can’t see why we need even more shopping space, but certainly the area looks dejected and rejected at the moment, so it will be interesting to see the plans develop. There’s a pretty picture here.

In other shopping news, Leeds brand Republic has been bought lock, stock and barrel by Sports Direct. If jobs are indeed ‘safeguarded’, this is a positive.

The Leeds Citizen talks about the decline in readers for Yorkshire’s daily newspapers. I subscribe to a national paper, but find local papers utterly depressing, personally: full of murders and mayhem.

However, possibly new ideas have been put forward at the journalism week that has been held at Leeds Trinity University. Phil Kirby summarises day one, and I hope there will be more to come on the interesting set of speakers who attended.

I can just about manage a ten-minute flailing around possibly recognisable as a jog in the gym, so I’m seriously impressed with Karen Thrippleton, who has completed nine marathons and thus been named ‘Fundraiser of the Year’ in new awards to celebrate the legacy of Jane Tomlinson.

Speaking of running, though: South Leeds Life has details of two new running groups starting in South Leeds, including a ParkRun at Cross Flatts park starting March 23rd. BGL’s Mike will be on the starting line for that, god help him.

Finally, we mentioned last week a meeting organised by South Leeds Life to consider the future of Stank Hall Barn. Here’s a summary of what was decided.

And that’s it. I’m sure there’s lots of fun stuff going on too (see http://www.leedsinspired.co.uk/ for ideas, as always), but I shall be wrapped up warm, drinking hot lemon drinks to stave off a cold. Enjoy your weekends!

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  1. Jon Crondhaw says:

    Journalism Week has been a fascinating experience. I’ve done quite a few podcasts and articles about the week here: http://www.joncronshaw.co.uk

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