Leeds today: Olivers, Wainwright, collaboration, park, public health, parade, swimming, Trinity and computer.

Hello Leeds. It’s halfway through the week and we’re very happy about that.

We start with a ‘Farewell to the North’ from Martin Wainwright in Guardian Northerner. A wonderful piece to read on your lunch break.

It is good to see the civic leaders of Leeds and Manchester working together to promote the North for investment. There’s usually some (healthy) rivalry going on between Leeds & Manchester so this will be an interesting development if it comes off.

More details have been announced for the buildings planned for Sovereign Street, to be surrounded by a new city centre park. Yay park!

1st April (no joke) will see the transfer of public health functions from the Leeds Primary Care Trust, to Leeds City Council. Now… I can see the point of public health being a civic concern rather than an NHS one (it always used to be, and requires resources the NHS just doesn’t have) but with an overstretched council budget just how good an idea is this?

This morning’s shout of amazement while compiling BGL news (quite a common occurrence) was: ‘We have a lido?!’ How have I not heard about this before?! Well, now Leeds List has compiled a very interesting list of where to go swimming, including indoors and out, leisure centre to pond.

As Wendy points out in her to do list this week, this Sunday is the St Patrick’s Day Parade. And much more besides!

For the last few weeks there has been something I really want to see on at a Leeds theatre almost every single night. Seriously, this situation is detrimental to my purse. I exercised some self-control and picked The Mousetrap this week, on its diamond anniversary tour. Culture Vulture tells us more.

This particular BGLer was getting a bit confused with all these trinities going around, but @Wandapops clarified somewhat on Twitter the other night. So here’s a little glossary, in case you’re as befuddled as I was:

Holy Trinity Church, also an arts centre, on Boar Lane;
after which they have named Trinity Leeds (the shopping centre);
as opposed to Leeds Trinity University.

Speaking of the mall, a One Direction pop-up store is coming to Leeds. I’m sure it will be filled with screaming fans (if they have any; I have no idea who they are). They didn’t think out their acronym, did they? 1D, as in one-dimensional: lacking depth; superficial (Oxford English Dictionary definition). Just saying.

Leeds University is home to a new supercomputer that will do all kinds of exciting research into climate, music, biosciences, chemistry and more. This is a pretty nifty thing.

Finally today, we offer our congratulations to the winners of the Oliver Awards this week, and comiserations to the losers. Some well-deserved wins there, and for the ones we don’t know about yet we’ll be trying them out soon.

Have a great rest-of-week, and we’ll be back on Friday with our regular news and a comment on the New Dock development. Thanks for reading!

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