Leeds today: noodles, sculpture, M&S, newspaper, streets, allotments, LMU and streetlights.


I’d like to begin with important noodle news. Production of Golden Wonder’s pot noodles is being transferred from two factories in China to … Hunslet! Increasingly we’re hearing that the hassle of manufacturing abroad is no longer worth the cost savings, so let’s hope that this is the first of many companies to return to British production.

Yesterday saw the launch of the new ‘The City Talking’ newspaper, alongside a re-branding of the website. I’d like to comment, but couldn’t find a copy despite having a good look around the city centre. If anyone knows where they’re distributed, do tell.

Marks & Spencer opens its new heritage stall and coffee shop today (at 10am). I peeked in first thing and it does look rather smart.

21st March sees the opening of the new Sculpture Gallery exhibition, and with an intriguing name like this, who can resist? The Institute of Endless Possibilities, Robert Filliou.

That same day is the opening of Trinity Leeds. I know a lot of people are very excited about it, so here’s today’s update: the statue has been unveiled outside. A picture speaks a thousand words, so here you go.
statue 2

My concerns – expressed here before – are about what will happen to streets outside the shopping centre. Take a look at this amazing spreadsheet (from @LeedsRetail), then, to judge for yourself.

Then again, if they get a Krispy Kreme, all will be forgiven… Yes, I’m shallow. (Ed’s note: Ally wrote this. I personally think Krispy Kreme are not good doughnuts at all.)

Leeds Metropolitan University might be looking to change their name, according to the Leeds Citizen.

The next link is about Manchester. I know – far inferior to Leeds 😉 – but the points made are equally applicable to our fair city, or any other northern city for that matter, and it’s an interesting read.

With Leeds City Council planning to end the subsidy on allotments, rents are expected to quadruple. Plans are afoot to work out an alternative.

We all know that cuts are inevitable, and another money-saving suggestion has been to turn off some street lights. The Council is running a consultation on the subject. Do have your say.

Police Community Support Officers, though, have been re-funded for a further three years.

That’s it for the news today! Thanks for reading – next week we’ll have news on Bramley Baths being turned into a cinema, and later on today we have a Friday Comment from Leeds Love Affair on the New Dock development. Have a great weekend.

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  1. Eclectics says:

    Does seem a little sad walking through the streets with all the notices on shops confirming their move.

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