Leeds Today: Science Fairs, Film Festivals, Pipes and Papers

Morning! Let’s hope this snow doesn’t stick, it’d be nice for Leeds to have good weather for a change. You’ve got Ally and Kirsty as a tag team today, so look at what we’ve found.

If it does snow, you can take cover tomorrow at 10am as Trinity Leeds opens, and it’s well worth a look inside. Or if you’re opposed to a cathedral of commerce, it’s great to get those shortcuts back that have been off the map for four years. Wendy, who is heading up the Service Lounge in there has also done her regular list of things to see and do this week in Leeds.

The City Talking tells us about Oakwood Farmers’ Market’s fifth birthday at the weekend, happy birthday Farmers’ Market! There are tons of farmers’ markets around Leeds, and they’re a great way to get to know local, independent producers. There’s usually a ton of samples for you to try too, bonus!

Ally was asking the other day about distributors of The City Talking’s new paper. Here’s a list – a new newspaper for Leeds is a very welcome thing.

First bus fares going up from 1 April. Again. Sadly, not an April Fools. What happened to the Quality Contract thing that was supposed to reduce First’s monopoly?

The BBC are reporting an £11 billion investment in water and electricity networks over Yorkshire and the North East. That’s a lot of pipes and cables.

The YEP have an article on the announcement of a new Hilton hotel up near the Arena. It’s going to be at the back of the o2 Academy by the looks of it, which seems an impossibly small place for a hotel. Still, it’ll be easy to stagger back to after Springsteen right?

Helen Pidd tells us why she has moved up north to become the new Guardian Northerner Editor. The Northerner is a great regional news source, so spend some time on there if it’s not in your regular read list. There’s currently a great article about the northern reaction to the Leveson report.

The next meeting of Leeds Skeptics in the Pub is tonight, at 7pm in the usual venue of the Victoria Hotel on Great George Street. This month is Prof. Barry Cooper talking about Alan Turing: The building of a brain.

South Leeds Life tells us all about the City Science Fair, held at Leeds City Museum this Saturday from 11.00am.

Leeds is fast becoming a destination for film lovers, with two more film festivals headed our way to join the previously mentioned Leeds Young People’s Film Festival. First, Leeds Queer Film Festival, and second, Reel Iraq Festival Leeds. That’s a bit of something for everyone, and it’s a great way to check out films you wouldn’t normally see in the mainstream cinemas. If you’ve a couple of hours to spare, Kirsty highly recommends playing the ‘wildcard film’ game, and going seeing something that you’d never pick, or even wandering to one at random. The best films she saw at LIFF12 were ones she chose this way. Movie gamble!

And finally, it’s still a week away but Kirsty’s counting down the days until Lent ends, so it’s a welcome distraction to read Leeds List’s Easter Weekend excitement.

That’s it from us. See you next time for the next thrilling installment of BEYOND GUARDIAN LEEDS!

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