Leeds today: camping, public space, snow, folk, rock, Jaws, Easter, South, and other stuff too.

Apparently ALL the news today is about a shopping centre and the snow. Yadda yadda yadda. It’s pretty, take a look, if you hate crowds stay away for a week or two. On with other news…

First: do not camp outside the One Direction store before it opens next week. I know you were planning to, probably in a One Direction onesie and sleeping bag combo. Now you have been warned.

Earlier, someone on Twitter linked this to the public spaces vs. private spaces debate. It’s the usual London-centric article from the Guardian, but it does apply here too. A similar article was written about Liverpool One and there’s a whole book on the subject that is worth taking a look at, Paul Kingsnorth’s Real England: The Battle against the Bland. Maybe you could find a copy at your local library?

Then, of course, there’s snow [sigh]. The first day of spring was yesterday, excuse me while I laugh. If you need the link to check openings and closings it’s here.

Leeds List has an inside look at the Arena. It looks smaller than I expected, oddly, given that it seats 13,500 people. It sort of looks like an American school gym. It must be the angle of the photos. Or maybe it is just tiny.

Next weekend is Easter? How did that happen?! Leeds Inspired has a round-up of events and fun. Easter isn’t just about bunnies and chocolate, it’s also about religious impact in a largely secular and lethargic society. Bust mostly it’s about bunnies and chocolate. For the record BGL shuts at Easter: we’ll have a post on Wednesday 27th, then we’ll be back on Weds 3rd.

Being Friday, it’s South of the River time. Wonderfully written and well informed as always.

This week Leeds had events going on to find ways to get empty homes back into use and looking at potential around the Tour de France coming to Yorkshire. See? There’s so much more than just shopping. Not only that, though: tomorrow has the BEST event ever at Bramley Baths: you can watch Jaws (or Finding Nemo) while having a swim. Don’t look at that and tell me you think “meh” because this is just genius.

Oh, and if you like your Mott the Hoople Ian Hunter is doing an acoustic set at the City Varieties next Wednesday. If Classic Rock isn’t your thing then the Hyde Park Picture House is playing host to folkies Mike Heron (from Incredible String Band) and Trembling Bells in a live gig with a doc about the ISB showing beforehand.

Stay warm, take care and enjoy your weekend!

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  1. John Sour says:

    For more on public Vs private spaces you should try Anna Minton’s book – Ground Control: Fear and happiness in the twenty-first century city and subsequent work @ http://www.annaminton.com/

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