Leeds today: Easter, activities, ribs, plaques, Ladyfest, Beeching, NAP, art and swimming.

Hello! It’s Wednesday, it’s Easter weekend so this will be the last BGL until Wednesday April 3rd – enjoy it 🙂

Great news that Bramley Baths sold all 200 tickets for the Jaws/Finding Nemo screenings (inspired!). The Guardian Northerner has photos and informs us that there will be another film/swimming event in July.

The East Coast line has made a big profit for the taxpayer by being in public hands since November 2009, but the government thinks it can make more money if it goes private. Obviously the fact that shareholders and the franchise costs will have to be paid won’t result in higher ticket prices for us. Not at all.

It seems appropriate that this week sees the 50th anniversary of the Beeching Report. The BBC tells us just how Yorkshire was divided by the Axe; a fascinating tale which points at the need for change and the absurd levels of butchery so unlike today’s modern society.

Things to see and do in Leeds this week: The Northern Art Prize (yay! so excited by this year’s shortlist, there’s artists on there that I actually like a *lot*), an easter egg hunt at Temple Newsam and Jousting at the Armouries. Plus so much more!

Phil Kirby questions public art and public space on Culture Vulture. An interesting piece; should this sort of art be shoved in our faces when we dislike our interpretations of it?

This is a much better use of resources: free pitches available at Kirkgate Market for aspiring business owners. Good for them. Hopefully the contract terms aren’t as entertaining as some we’ve heard about recently.

There’s going to be a new Vice-Chancellor at the University of Leeds. Good for them.

Simon on the Streets has a new campaign; there are blue plaques being mounted at street level to bring people’s attention to the homeless. These blue plaques mark the spaces where homeless people – who have since died – slept rough. This is quite a harrowing and thought-provoking piece of work and we hope it raises much needed funds for the organisation.

Some Easter fun:

Yeadon Tarn is doing activity taster sessions (and is now safe to use).

Hunslet Club is doing activities for kids, including games, cooking and dance sessions.

And there’s something to look forward to after the break: Amazing Graze which does look like it’ll live up to the name. Culture Vulture will have a series of posts on this, the first being about The Rib man.

Finally, if you’re free tomorrow Leeds Ladyfest will present a night of art & activism taking place at LS6 Café on Headingley Lane, fundraising for their chosen charities.

Have a lovely Easter break. May all your chicks be adorable and all your bunnies chocolate, and we’ll see you on Wednesday next. Thanks for reading!

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