Leeds today: heart unit, easter hols, NAP, kirkgate, Leeds United, Gemmas, Reetsweet, art and Scouts.

Hello! We hope you had a decent break and are raring to go. We made hats over the weekend. Productive!

The big (only?) news over the weekend: Leeds General Infirmary suspension of children’s heart surgery. We’ve been hearing so many half-truths, comments, opinions and just wrong retreading of statements that we really need The Leeds Citizen to point out just how much spurious bobbins there is running around about this story. Yes: the timing sucks, yes: the data isn’t verified or could even be a number plucked out of someone’s backside, yes: this stinks to high heaven of sour grapes and political infighting. But repeating rumour as truth, repeating misquoted statements, and reading more into stuff than is actually said is counterproductive. If there’s one thing this whole shebang is making clear it is this: we need more transparency in the way all public services – not just the NHS – are managed. We need to be able to scrutinise the decisions made by those who make them for us.


The Council is consulting on the timing of the Easter holidays, as explained by South Leeds Life. The link to give your opinion is on LCC’s website.

The Northern Art Prize exhibition is now on, at Leeds Art Gallery. What do you think of the shortlist this year? Well, Culture Vultures did take a quick look at it and have their opinion

John Baron takes a look at what’s going on with Kirkgate Market and raises some interesting points and contrasts. Worth a read, especially if you popped into Trinity this weekend.

North Leeds News takes a personal look at Leeds United and asks “who is the right man for the poisoned chalice role at Leeds United?” I know I wouldn’t want it; managers at LU are often up-and-coming and brilliant, or disasters. (On the other hand I’d also be rubbish at it, I know nearly nothing about football.)

In brief:

We also have Mates, a new series of exhibitions showcasing local and international graphic art. Their first exhbition is Wharf Chambers, from the 12-14th April. Leeds Art Scene has a bit more info.

A bit later on in the month Ian Tilton is launching his book about photographing the Stone Roses at the White Cloth Gallery. Should be fun.

Finally today, have you come across The Amazings before? This is a fascinating project where people with experience – over 50s – give classes on all kinds of practical skills. Everything from felting to bookbinding, with many, many things in between. It looks brilliant, and at the moment they’re only running in London. You can nominate a city for them to come to. Leeds is in the running, and if any of this sounded interesting then you should click like you’ve never clicked before.

Ok, we’re done for today. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you on Friday.

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