Leeds today: Blog North, art vs beer, incinerator, sanctuary, landscape, Transform and fashion.

Good Morning Leeds! It’s Monday and Naziya is here to bring you a new week.

From the people who brought you the Blog North Awards comes Blog North #4 – ‘the Food Glorious Food edition’ – and it takes place on Saturday 13 April in Leeds.  The workshops cover everything from getting started to growing your readership, collaborating with big industry names and maybe, just maybe, getting your own book deal.

BGL has covered the opening of a visual arts centre by Project Space Leeds at Tetley Wharf before but Creative Tourism has given the story has an update with interviews from  two of PSL’s directors on what the public-private partnership will means for Leeds’ art scene.

Speaking of updates, the planning application for the ‘Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility’ aka The Incinerator has moved  the waste company Veolia closer to beginning construction on the plant, situated at the Cross Green Industrial estate, in August 2013. Yes, there will be more jobs and money saved but I don’t fancy the idea of inhaling burning plastic either. Local residents have been invited to become part of a community liaison group.

The question, ‘Is Leeds a City of Sanctuary?’, will be debated at Leeds Town Hall on April 24th by History students at LU. Based on a history of accepting and welcoming migrants against a backdrop of typical Yorkshire racist attitudes, the City of Sanctuary’ movement are working to give Leeds an official title. Interestingly, over on South Leeds Life, there is concern about festering racist attitudes in Beeston– one of the areas that City of Sanctuary want to place special emphasis on as having benefitted from the homing of refugees and asylum seekers as well as immigrant workers. This could be a very lively discussion!

Also at the Town Hall in April is Godfrey Bingley’s ‘From Plate Glass to Pixels’. The almost hundred year old digitised photograph album is a ‘disorientating’ look back at the changing landscape of the city and its surrounding areas.

The West Yorkshire Playhouse have Transform: My Leeds, My City, a festival of theatre and performance which puts the city under the theatrical lens. From the 16th April, The Market, performed in Kirkgate Market, will tell the 800 year old history of the site drawn from the words of the people who worked there.  Leeds-List has an interview with Transform’s director Amy Letman who talks us through working beyond the confines of the playhouse. Get your limited edition golden ticket from the box office and see everything!

Finally, we have news of two different online fashion ventures: The Made in Leeds pop up store in Leeds Trinity now has an online shop for you to browse through. The store is the commercial front for Hebe Media’s digital fashion brand which aims to bring together Leeds independent fashion and textiles industries. Whilst, Tea dresses and Tassels is a new monthly E-zine celebrating all things vintage and burlesque in the North of England as well as featuring vintage boutique sites for you to browse through. Looking for a floor length, sleeved, bright pink lounge dress – well that one’s mine.

Happy Shopping!

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