Leeds today: council, zombies, frankenbus, Miserable Les, get active, artwork, Whitelocks, Narnia and learning.

Hello! Welcome to Wednesday’s BGL. Something is happening today, but I don’t know what…

According to the YEP, the tribute to former PM Margaret Thatcher is allegedly the reason behind the cancellation of today’s Council meeting. How true is this? The rumour mill is HUGE today.

Wendy’s Things to see and do in Leeds this week has all kinds of fun stuff (as per usual): a silent disco and Transform start the ball rolling. In particular, note the free screening of Les Mis prior to the new Everyman Cinema opening next week! Exciting stuff – I’m really looking forwards to seeing what shows up at the Everyman.

From October (if approved by the Council) the new ‘Leeds Let’s Get Active‘ initiative will see:

[…] one off-peak hour each day made available at every Leeds City Council-managed leisure centre in the city for free gym and swimming sessions. The sessions will be open to all but will be primarily targeted at those who currently do not take part in any sport or physical exercise.

Olympic legacy!

Frankenbus! Well, it made me laugh; a collection of hybrid diesel/electric buses have started runs between Leeds and Castleford. Saving the environment, one bus trip at a time. If you run a business and hope to apply green practices then you might be interested in the (free!) Eco-Fair conference at Elland Road in May. M&S are showing up…

Zombies! Yes, the zombie epidemic shows no signs of slowing down with the Zombie Film Festival making a return for the sixth year.

How do you feel about getting artwork for a quid? A vending machine in Leeds is offering just that. In fact, it’s three vending machines in the new shopping centre. Just in case you’re bored already with Trinity, the next shopping centre is just around the corner. More design pictures have been released today of ‘Victoria Gate’, ahead of the consultation being held this week.

If you’ve got half an hour it’s well worth having a listen to The Bards of Whitelocks Bar, exploring the poets who propped up the copper top.

I’ve read this article three times and I’m still not sure if it’s reporting good news or bad news on productivity vs recession in the North.

Would you be interested in taking part in a panto that needs a cast of hundreds? The Narnia Experience is coming to Left Bank and they need to cast lots of people for it. Seriously, lots. It’ll be huge fun though, and reports of the Experience in other towns and cities have been really positive.

Finally today, the Lifelong Learning Centre at the University has opened up enrolment for the summer courses that it usually runs. These are always a bit of fun and you do get to meet some interesting people on them. Take a look, see what you think.

Ok, we’re bowing out now. See you on Friday!

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