Leeds today: Ghosts, records, singing, fields, consequences, Other Paper, masks, bank holiday and park & ride.

It’s Friday! Be sure to check back later for our World Book Night special, but for now here’s the news.

Leeds is sporting one of those all-embracing types of rain today. Spare socks advised. Still, at least yesterday’s high winds seem to have died down. If anybody knows a good roofer I’m sure many people will be thinking about replacing slates today…

Another LCC consultation should soon be under way, this time for a new park and ride at Elland Road. What do you think? The car parks there are empty for most of the time but matchday traffic is always awful. Would having that sort of traffic all the time be likely? Would it reduce congestion in the city centre – it is very close to the motorway, after all – and could it raise much-needed revenue for the city?

Leeds List looks ahead to the May Day bank holiday. We’re nearly in May?! How did that happen? (Yes, time moves forwards in a linear fashion on the non-quantum level, we know.)

The Arena has announced yet another act – this time something called WWE. People were all sorts of excited on Twitter about it, so it must be something quite popular… As I understand it people put on masks and lycra shorts, and then jump on each other. Hm.

It’s Friday, which means that Jeremy from South Leeds Life is with us again, this week about access to computers and the internet, and unintended consequences.

You might be interested to hear an interview with Tony Harcup about Leeds Other Paper (more info). BGL basically exists because of wistful reminiscences of LOP and although we’re certainly not alternative enough to compare on that score we do fly by the seat of our pants. Listen to the interview and learn about the history of alternative press in Leeds. Well worth 20 minutes of your time. Tony has also written a book about alternative journalism, which is also worth hunting down.

Saturday is Record Store Day. We have a number of indies in Leeds, so do support them. We’re sad to say that Fabrication is closing its doors in The Light this weekend, so do pop along to say au revoir. We all hope they find a new home soon.

The Ghosts Group of artists (@leedsartghosts), in residence at Armley MillSpace since the beginning of March, have produced multimedia work in the former woollen mill and are having a private viewing tonight from 6-8pm. If you know the Mill you’ll know it’s awesome at night, and the work should be pretty interesting. The show continues until May 10th and there’s other related activities alongside.

Skelton Grange is starting a singing group. On the 22nd June the Environment Centre is opening its doors to singers of all abilities to join in with Singing for Pleasure.

Finally, Allerton Grange playing fields have been saved, reports The City Talking. The end of a long campaign has seen four years of people trying to save the greenfield site from being turned into housing, and well done to them.

Right, we’re done. See you later for the WBN special!

correction: the original date for the Skelton Grange singing session was April 27th. This was changed after we published. Apologies.

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