Leeds today: spring, fires, Odeon, casino, cheese, cake, microbrew, blogging, projection and opera.

Hello! Hope you enjoyed the long weekend – I know we certainly did. Gosh, it was lovely. Anyway, on with the news!

Visit Leeds tells us what to do in Leeds now that spring has truly arrived. Except it feels like winter is coming (again). Not soon enough for the moorlands, though. Possibly as a result of the dry weather there were moorland fires overnight and our Calderdale correspondents have seen many of the emergency services from across West Yorks concentrate their efforts in that area.

In other news, Bradford Odeon is sold for £1. We’ve been looking at the Save the Odeon story for a while now; let us hope that an investor can be found soon, because if not then the building could still crumble away.

Today’s the day the Council decide where the city’s super-casino is going to go. Leeds Citizen does this sort of thing best. I’m easily amused but the “Alea jacta est” photo caption made me giggle.

Wendy has once more come up with an excellent Things to see and do this week on The City Talking. Also on The City Talking is a news companion for your smartphone, trialling now. Solomon is trialling now and you could get on the beta. Read the article for more information!

It seems that there’s a bit of a food theme in the zeitgeist.

There’s a whole bunch of ‘Foodie’ clubs in the North, reports the Northerner. Leeds stalwarts the Clandestine Cake Club and Homage2Fromage get a decent mention here.

Speaking of the Clandestine Cake Club, there’s a properly judged competition Bake-off happening with AgeUK and Leeds Food Festival! This is brilliant stuff, and even if you don’t fancy baking there’s plenty of tickets for people who just want to eat the cake.

A fantastic story from the YEP, now, about The Beeston micro-brewery which could be the smallest brewery in the UK, making only 70l of beer a week. In a back-to-back in Beeston. I’m trying very hard not to pop in on my way home. You can buy Sunbeam Ales from Beer Ritz in Headingley, amongst other places.

Sticking with the beer theme for a moment, the LS6 Beer Festival is returning to, erm, LS6. The beers look exciting and the people are always lovely. It’s on the same day Mike is doing some chocolate demos, so he’ll be heading to the evening session on the Saturday…

Staying with Culture Vultures they have a sneak peek at Leeds Loves Food, which you’ll be hearing a lot more about in the next few weeks.

Away from food there’s some other stuff going on. Students at LMU have done some data analysis on the impact of local blogs. It’s a bit sports heavy but good to see CV at the top. We don’t even feature, which needs to be sorted out for next year.

We seem to have quite a few literary festivals in our area, reports the YEP. Worth reading.

Light Night has started its ball rolling again for this year. Leeds Inspired has some details on a momentous projection for Light Night, and this years theme will be Light Night Circus.

There’s a David Bowie exhibition at White Cloth Gallery; lots of photos that you might have seen before, only not this big, and some that you certainly won’t have.

This is awesome: Opera North will be performing in the Arch Café this weekend. Free solo performances with your coffee and cake.

There’s a Fabrication event tonight. Well done on staying open, guys!

Finally, Leeds Museums are running a CSI Discovery evening course on human skeletal remains. HOW COOL IS THIS? If you’ve ever watched CSI and gone “I could do this” then this is for you. (Although, every time I watch CSI I get cross at how poorly those lab techs use auto pipettes.)

Ok, and we’re done. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you on Friday when Naziya will be bringing you the news and Chris Nickson will have another tale of Leeds history for us. Cheerio!

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