Leeds today: Meanwood, nostalgia, transport, vicar, SPOTY, markets, compost, reptils, marathon, and Lunch.

Good morning Leeds, Naziya checking in and let me say it feels like a very long time since I was last with you so let’s get cracking with two opposing points of view.

Firstly, flyers have been distributed in the Headingley/Meanwood area to inform residents that there will be a meeting at Meanwood Institute, Green Road next Thursday 16th May. It concerns planning permission which has been sought by developers for building on the cricket field next to the Headingley allotments (pdf). Instead, residents of the area will be discussing a community buy out of the land with ideas for use whilst preserving the nature as much as possible. I’m not surprised, since we moved here two years ago, house prices have rocketed by 30% (the Waitrose effect?) and combined with what property experts Clarion call ‘the dawn in a golden age of planning’, we could see a boom in planning permissions sought since the creation of the National Planning Policy Framework last year. All of which is lovely news for us new and potential homeowners but alarming if you consider our beautiful and plentiful green spaces make Leeds a delight to live in.

And what will be the result of all this expansion? Well, you may have followed a nostalgia thread on The City Talking which brought up fond remembrances of familiar Leeds haunts. If this sounds like something you like to do then Leeds Back In The Day Retro Party at the Irish Centre is an event for you! Held at the end of June it is for ‘for those of us who grew up in the great Yorkshire city of Leeds and want to be reminded of things that maybe aren’t around any longer.’

More politics: Wednesday’s Queen’s speech has ‘placed the government on a collision course with furious council leaders’ after a new bill means that any large increase in council tax bills ( the council’s proposed method of levying the amount needed for a West Yorkshire Transport fund) needs to be put to a public referendum.

Beeston has a new vicar…and it’s the Reverend Lindsey Pearson! Hurrah! I’ve actually led a classroom discussion on the creation of the universe alongside her for my 8 year olds and it/she was awesome!

The news that the Leeds Arena is set to stage the 2013 BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards puts the cherry on our sporting cake. Over to Councillor Keith Wakefield:

“Together with hosting matches in the Rugby League World Cup in November, the Rugby World Cup in 2015 and the amazing Grand Départ of the Tour de France next year, this is another wonderful sporting event which we are very proud and excited to be holding.”

All we need now is the successful resurrection of LUFC, the excellent Scratching Shed discusses the conundrum of the Leeds striker.

Whilst Jo has been blogging about the newish Horsforth farmer’s market held on the 1st of the month on the car park of St Margaret’s primary school, traders of the city’s Kirkgate market have rallied outside the Civic Hall to complain about a £12.3 million revamp to take place without consultation.

Incidentally, tomorrow sees Headingley’s farmers market from 9am at the Rose Garden.

It’s compost awareness week…oh yes it is! And LCC are offering cut price compost bins for less than 17 pounds at getcomposting.com. The move comes after about 50,000 Leeds residents now have their black and green bins emptied on alternate weeks.

This weekend in brief then: the Parks and Countryside Service will hold its annual open day at Red Hall Nursery near Shadwell. The best of the city’s captive wild life (reptiles from Tropical World, Birds of Prey from Lotherton Hall etc.) as well as fairground and tractor rides from 9am -3pm each day.

There’s a free art/music/dance/sound/fashion show at the Hepworth in Wakefield on Saturday afternoon. Titled The Ultimate Form, a ‘living collage’ will take place from 2pm. Booking essential.

Kirk Norcross (Towie) is signing his autobiography at Asda, Crown Point.

It’s Leeds Half Marathon Time. To be fair, by now you’re either running or you’re not but do be neighbourly and pop on the route to cheer them on.

A point that smoothly links us to the fact that you may want to start planning The Big Lunch with your fellow street dwellers which will be scheduled for 2nd June this year. Apparently Chapel Allerton has quite a do going on but you can start yours by downloading an information pack or knocking on a few doors.


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