Leeds today: space, speed, bats, afterlife, superposition, Party, dementia, market and Healthwatch

Hello Leeds! We’re undergoing a bit of a refurb here, so some things might move around or be a little different. Don’t panic, we’re just having a bit of a tidy. Anyway, it’s Mike here today (not Naziya). On with the news!

Have you been following @Cmdr_Hadfield on Twitter? Everyone has retweeted him, so you probably know about it. He’s on the Space Station, and a week or so ago he tweeted this picture of Leeds and Bradford, which is jaw-dropping. Some people will have this as their desktop wallpapers, I’m sure.

Another interesting thing spotted over the weekend was a series of articles on ‘two-speed Britain’ in the Observer yesterday. On a positive note, I did read it thinking how (relatively) good Leeds feels at the moment, with building works and major projects, although it’s dreadful for all the other areas of the country.

The first meeting of The Superposition is on Wednesday in the Packhorse on Woodhouse Lane. This group will bring together scientists, artists and makers for creative purposes. We hope it’ll do well!

The Market is doing a series of heritage tours, starting this week! Learn all about the history of the market, some of its little foibles and things that make it such a character.

The YEP is reporting that – three years after the same thing happened to Opera in the Park – Party in the park is to charge people to attend. This was widely considered to be the beginning of the end for free gigs in Leeds when it happened to Opera. A shame.

Well, there’s always free culture if you know where to look. The School of Performance and Cultural Studies at the University is puttingo n some end of year shows, one of which is Art in the Afterlife on Wednesday this week. It could be a pretty interesting piece, inspired by Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights.

A PCSO in South Leeds writes about her dementia training. People just don’t know how to handle those with dementia of some kind; even when it happens in your own family it’s not an easy thing to work with. This sort of training is essential for those who might come across it in their working lives.

Sticking with health, ClaireOT has written about how the Healthwatch Leeds board selection happens. Some interesting and useful info if you’re at all intrigued by how public body boards are constructed, and how you could get involved.

Finally today there’s a Bat walk on Killingbeck fields on Weds 22nd as part of Wildlife Discovery Week. This sounds like a lot of fun but you have to book in advance!

That’s it for today; thanks for reading and we’ll catch you on Wednesday. Cheerio!

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  1. Claire says:

    Thanks so much for the shout-out about using sortition to appoint 10 of the 12 Board members for Healthwatch Leeds: much appreciated! We want to move conversations out of any silos that have developed in health and social care and into the general discourse of the City, thanks for your help with this.

    And yes, Commander Hadfield is a total hero. Best Bowie cover ever.

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