Leeds today: ballet, Wellington, museums, art, cocktails, conversation and Almond.

It’s Friday! Alison here to provide your news.

Rather lacking in details, but a picture’s worth a thousand words and all that. Here’s a glimpse of the new building to go up in Wellington Place. I’m liking the trees; more of the trees, please.

John Baron is in a dudgeon on The City Talking, but manages (through gritted teeth by the sounds of it) to link us to the best of the blogs this week. We like angry John!

The Council is taking some services back in house to save money. Great plan. Except we all know they’ll go out again in ten years’ time or so. And then be taken back in house in… ooh… another ten years… Round and round we go, and yet we never learn.

I was reading this Northerner article about nights at the museum earlier, thinking what a shame only one of those mentioned is in Leeds (although it does sound very cool), when lo and behold, I found another! Night at the Medical Museum. (Remember to take spare batteries!)

I’m steadfastly ignoring the link to Christmas party planning on the Leeds List, but as my eye flicked down the page… Leeds Loves yadda yadda yadda… but wait… what is this? Leeds Loves Cocktails? Oh, my! Do remember to line your stomach first, though. Leeds definitely Loves Food.

Summer is allegedly approaching… hmm, I’ll believe that when I feel it. Should you wish to be planning a bit of summery art, though, Leeds Inspired has a useful list to help you.

Next up, a positive viewpoint on Trinity. Some of the empty shops in surrounding streets are beginning to fill up, which is good news.

If you live in the city centre, as I do, you’ll probably have the odd beef about the lack of services and infrastructure, or wish to make your viewpoint known on big changes coming, like the imminent arrival of HS2… in 2030-something. Thus we’re invited along to a ‘Big Conversation’ on the subject, at 6.30pm on 7 June in Holy Trinity Church on Boar Lane.

It’s Friday! It’s South of the River!

Leeds singer Marc Almond has won the Ivor Novello Inspiration Award. Yes, yes, but take a look at that picture and then read that he’s 55. Wow, he has some good genes.

Rod Stewart fans? Here’s an announcement to make you happy. (Ed’s note: the new album is a bit insipid, IMO. Maybe live it’ll be better?)

I was a ‘balletomane’ (ballet enthusiast) even before reading Lorna Hill’s Sadler’s Wells books as a child, and have practised adult ballet at various points in my life. I know I’m rubbish at it, but I do it regardless because I don’t think anything has ever made me quite as happy as performing a pirouette without falling over in the process. It also helps me to appreciate just how hard dancers are working when I watch a ballet on stage. If you feel that your ‘dancing ambitions have been affected by [your] size and weight and want that second chance to take to the stage’, Culture Vulture has just such an opportunity.

Have a fabulous weekend! [Chassés off]

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