Leeds today: veg, lunch, consultations, living, regen, galleries, cats, waiting, mental health and playlist.

We’re all plans, plans, plans this week it seems…

Leeds City Council is launching the ‘Your City. Your Say’ consultation on Monday 3 June 2013, aiming to take residents’ views into account while planning the next 15 years of development. Have your say at workshops being held around the city, or online.

Also, a reminder for those who live centrally that next Friday (7 June, at 6.30pm) MP Hilary Benn is holding an event to ask people’s views on city centre living and what could be improved.

Meanwhile the Leeds Citizen discusses plans for the regeneration of the industrial area just south of the River Aire.

If you don’t believe they really do plan the layout and development of the city, I’d recommend taking a look at the book ‘From the Tile to the City’, by John Thorp. It’s probably available from the library, or if not, it’s on sale from the various museum and art gallery shops. Speaking of which: da da! Said shops have been expanded and are increasing their income, including an expansion into online sales. I’m fairly anti Leeds Council’s retail obsession (although I accept that that’s the way the world is), but one assumes that at least some of the money goes back into the the museums and galleries themselves, so we’ll call this a Good Thing.

If you want a reason why you should take the time to ‘have your say’, by chance Jeremy Morton gives us an excellent example of how residents’ views could make all the difference to the layout of estates in his weekly South of the River. This week, he’s wandering through Cottingley Hall estate.

More than two years after a death was caused by the wind tunnel effect around Bridgewater Place, a suggestion has been put forward to ban high-sided lorries from the area completely. But what about the double-decker buses (which the editor uses to get home)? Anyone who has crossed that road in high winds knows how utterly petrifying an experience it is. Interestingly, the HS2 station and link bridge to the main train station will be just about there, so I wonder if anyone has considered the problem in those terms…

On Sunday 2nd June Greenhouse in Beeston will be hosting a good old-fashioned neighbourhood get together for “The Big Lunch” to help residents get to know their neighbours, and a special feature of the day comes courtesy of their most recent resident; 90’s electronica DJ Gez Varley will be performing a special set. More info – and registration details – on their eventbrite page for the gig.

Speaking of Greenhouse, their in-house deli (open to non-residents) is now being run by a recent apprentice of Leeds City College’s Professional Cookery programme who went on to work at the Food Academy at Flannels. Good on you, Bradley! It’s certainly worth popping in to see what he’s been making.

Tomorrow is a bit of a busy day – there’s Veg Out! at Wharf Chambers (part of Leeds Food Festival), and there’s also Leeds Feline Friends Cream Tea and Plant Fair from 1.30 to 3.30pm at Alwoodley Community Centre.

Moving onto a health theme for the last few items today, we’ve had a public apology from the head of Leeds’ hospitals for unacceptable waiting times.

Anyone living in East or South Leeds is invited to tea and cake with NHS Leeds South and East Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), to find out about their plans to transform local health care services. I’ll keep an eye open for similar events in other parts of the city, but if you see one coming up, do let us know.

Early this year we told you about the Mental Health Reading Challenge from the Arts and Minds Network and Leeds Book Club. If you’ve been reading along, happen to have read one of the books, or just wish to share your views on the subject, there’s going to be a meet-up next week. Tuesday 4 June, 6pm, in the Giraffe bar and restaurant on Greek Street.

Finally, it’s Friday of a short week, it’s sunny and rumoured to be hot out later… It’s pretty much obligatory that I link you to a playlist for your day. @Wandapops has provided a suitably get-up-and-dance soundtrack following her trip to see the musical ‘9 To 5’ at Leeds Grand Theatre. Enjoy! [Dons sunglasses, puts in earphones and heads outdoors…]

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