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Leeds today: holidays, bikes, trains, CBBC, carfree, TARDIS, Corn Exchange, journos and waterfront.

Morning! It’s a short one today, it’s all a bit hectic over here! We’re getting Tardis-coloured ‘telephone’ boxes – actually multimedia information and wi-fi hubs! Round-up of the blogs from John Baron. The proposed budget of HS2 has gone up … Continue reading

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Leeds today: enough, farm, history, soundtrack, film, recycling and derailing.

Hello! It’s Wednesday, in case you’d not noticed. June is in full swing and you keep on running out of ice in the freezer because someone forgets to refill the ice cube trays. It’s the time of year for long, … Continue reading

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Leeds today: Anthony’s, polling, Garforth Arts, skiffy weapons, popup bar, building, Light, heritage and waterfront.

Morning, Leeds! Mike is back in the chair this week after a week off. Kirsty & Alison did a great job of holding down the fort while I was away, so a big thank you to them both. While I’ve … Continue reading

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Leeds Today: museums, public transport, using your talents and zombies.

Welcome to the longest day! It’s the Summer Solstice, so Ally and Kirsty are here to dance on the rooftops to celebrate. To celebrate that we’re at the height of summer, beer gardens are appropriate. Okay, you wouldn’t know it … Continue reading

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The monthly @leedsbookclub: Summer is here.

Summer is here. I find that I keep repeating that to myself mantra like – I’m not sure if it’s I’m in shock or if I’m reminding myself to enjoy every moment of sunshine while it lasts! Which reminds me … Continue reading

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Leeds Today: Money money money. And museums. And a nice tie.

Morning! Ally and Kirsty again for you today, and we’re full of the joys of…err…what is the weather supposed to be today? Ahh well, onwards and upwards – we shall make up for the lack of sunshine with lots of exciting … Continue reading

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Leeds Today: art, education, bikes and bouncy castles.

Morning people of Leeds and people who are interested in Leeds! So, everyone then. It’s Ally and Kirsty here on this overcast-but-at-least-it’s-not-raining Monday morning. There’s little in the way of news today, but let’s see what we can forage. Of … Continue reading

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The monthly @chrisnickson2: how running water came to Leeds.

These days we all take running water – hot and cold – for granted. We don’t consider it a luxury, or anything more than part of the fabric of everyday life. Go back to the 1690s in Leeds, though, and … Continue reading

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Leeds today: supermarket, blood, museum, Handpicked, parking, maps, festival, sculpture & Hannah.

FRIDAYFRIDAYFRIDAYFRIDAY! Today is World Blood Donor Day. I’m not going to lecture; I’m going to let Ewan Mitchell on South Leeds Life tell you a little story instead. We’ll keep you up to date on news about the potential museum … Continue reading

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Leeds today: parking, Kirkstall, heart unit, NMM, lights, Owl, skeptics and Bond.

Wednesday! If you’re at TEDx in the Rose Bowl, hello there 🙂 Some interesting things are starting to come out of the museum debacle. Not Leeds, I know, but the North-South bias is of significance to us all, so two … Continue reading

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