Leeds today: cafe, food, handmade, recycling, Geneva, universities, heritage, crocodiles and rent.

The main news is, of course, the potential closure of one of three national museums based in the North. We referred to it on Wednesday, but almost the moment we posted, the news was out of date. From this article featuring the head of the Science Museum Group it sounds very much like the Bradford Media Museum is the most likely to be lost. If you feel as indignant about this as we do, here’s one of a number of petitions to sign.

If you don’t feel at all put out about it, take a moment to read this piece of joy about a £15 million Thatcher museum. Nothing to do with Leeds but we’re just furious.

Are you enraged yet? Not that any of this is political, of course. No.

In other cheerful news, the Council is concerned about rent arrears since the recent under-occupancy charges kicked in. Cameron’s Poll Tax, maybe?

But it’s Friday, the sun has shone all week and is due to stay with us all weekend. Hurrah!

A few months ago I visited Tropical World and I noticed that the crocodiles were beginning to look rather cramped in their space. No more! The new enclosure has been completed. With a viewing bridge. Which is hinged with a lever, sending naughty people into the pool below and… [evil laugh, strokes white fluffy cat]

Okay, not really.

Leeds City Council has received money from the Heritage Lottery Fund to fund a heritage construction skills project – essential, given Leeds’ high number of older and listed buildings.

As Gabby Logan is installed as Chancellor of Leeds Trinity University, I notice that all three Leeds universities have gone up in the Guardian table this year as against last year. Excellent job, well done.

So, we’re into June and at least it now feels like summer is truly approaching, so Leeds List gives us a round-up of cultural events coming this month.

We also have John Baron’s weekly summary of the blogs, from The City Talking.

For all the festivals and events this weekend, take a flick back to BGL’s posts earlier this week, but as a reminder, it is the Big Bookend Festival this weekend. Also Beeston Festival is tomorrow and Jeremy Morton talks about it on South Leeds Life. Perfect weather for it.

City centre dwellers, remember tonight’s conversation on life in the centre. I shall be there to have my say on the sad lack of recycling points. I know, I know, could life get any more exciting?!

The answer is, of course, yes: Handmade in Yorkshire starts today and the tents were looking very pretty yesterday in Victoria Gardens, outside the Art Gallery, while on Millennium Square it is the Yorkshire Food and Drink Show. All part of Leeds Loves Food, and despite having very little interest in food myself, I am beginning to ponder about lunch…

And if none of that tickles your fancy, take a look at the lengthy list on Leeds Inspired of other events going on. We couldn’t even begin to tell you everything, but our aim is to link you to the best sources of information.

Finally, for those who attend Café Scientifique at Leeds City Museum, this month’s (on Sunday) has been cancelled. Sorry! It will be back in July, though.

C’est tout, mes amis. Enjoy the sunshine, remember your hats and sun cream, and we’ll see you Monday.

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  1. I was furious about the Thatcher museum too, but after a bit of digging it’s not getting any public money at all. It’s financed by something called the Cherished Freedom Trust, and private trusts can do what they like with their money. It’s still a shame, though, that at a personal level Cameron obviously feels this museum is more valuable than NMeM, MoSI and NRM.


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