Leeds today: vouchers, blood, Arts, hannah, pop-up, look up, asparagus, Breeze, cake and Conversation.

Monday! Another week here at BGL Towers.

One BGL-er was at the ‘Conversation’ with MP Hilary Benn on Friday, where we were encouraged to talk about the things we like and dislike about living in Leeds City Centre. Here’s some of what was said:

  • A number of people mentioned the problem of the train station being on one side of the city centre and the bus station on the other. In response, Mr Benn explained that an idea being considered was a transport hub on the site of the HS2 station, which would link trains and buses together in one area.
  • The biggest complaint was about the lack of a proper city centre park and children’s play park. We were told that the plan was for there to be a park on the Tetley’s Brewery site in the future (although it was emphasized that the Council doesn’t own the land, so your guess is as good as mine over whether this is a plan or just a wish).
  • Various ideas were put forward about Clarence/New Dock, but one thing that caught my ear was a proposed open-air cinema for the summer months. Yes, please!

It was well worth going along, and I would encourage others to do so if another meeting is held. I’m not certain any of the problems put forward will be resolved, but it is good to have the opportunity to voice concerns.

On to news, and everyone was evidently out having fun in the sunshine and not doing anything particularly newsworthy over the weekend. Tsk.

I will just add a shout-out that it is National Blood Week this week. If you can, do consider donating a little bit of your blood to help save lives. They give you free biscuits and crisps afterwards, so it’s well worth it.

The YEP is reporting on a new voucher scheme for £1 meals for the homeless. Generally speaking vouchers are a stigma to those who use them, but this is probably a positive thing. Let’s see how it works; if nothing else it might discourage the scam artists. Or they’ll become a defacto underground currency.

Also in the YEP is news that East Street Arts is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this week. Well done, guys – BGL is a big fan of the work of ESA and the artists it supports.

Two festivals for this week: Arts@Trinity on Thursday 13 to Friday 14 June; details to be confirmed but this is usually a lot of fun. Also, the Hannah Festival on Wednesday 12 to Sunday 16 June is a massive city-wide arts festival with some seriously cool stuff going on, including the Pop-up Poly and Walkshop and meet the game-makers and all kinds of fascinating things. Look at the programme, you won’t be disappointed.

Also on Culture Vultures is a writeup of the The Great Leeds Bakeoff that took place at the Arch Cafe as part of Leeds Loves Food. This was brilliant – where else but Leeds could you get unlimited tea and cake for a fiver? – and some incredible cakes were there, with well-deserved winners.

Breeze Leeds are asking for volunteers to be part of a child-friendly Leeds; children and young people (age 8 to 19) who want to get involved in making Leeds a more child friendly city are invited to a Special Young Advisors event 15th June, 1-4pm, at Leeds City Museum.

Our friends over in My Life in Leeds are launching Look Up Leeds, which looks at our city a little higher than usual. We’re hoping that this works well – there’s so much beautiful architecture above the plastic signage and primary colours.

Theatre writer and maker Nick Ahad writes about the Bollywood Carmen, Tony Harrison and the National Media Museum.

And finally today, it’s worth remembering that asparagus season is short and sweet. Local author Tamsin Constable took her family to a local grower and put together a lovely video of the trip. Worth watching.

We’re done. See you on Wednesday and thanks for reading!

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  1. Bywater blog says:

    I have stopped going to give blood, they have recently been too busy to take mine. I have been going for more than 20 years. They recently changed their procedures, perhaps it will be ok in your area.

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