Leeds today: parking, Kirkstall, heart unit, NMM, lights, Owl, skeptics and Bond.

Wednesday! If you’re at TEDx in the Rose Bowl, hello there 🙂

Some interesting things are starting to come out of the museum debacle. Not Leeds, I know, but the North-South bias is of significance to us all, so two interesting articles on the value of the National Media Museum in the Northerner.

But there’s an alternative argument that we’ve all jumped into petition mode way too early. It seems that there’s a question being raised about how serious the threat was in the first place. Perhaps the NMM was a pawn in some backroom politicking in the hallowed halls of Westminster? If it was then that’s appalling because the potential for backfire – as seems to have happened – is enormous. Someone senior at SMG will probably have to roll over for this. In any event we are getting a parliamentary inquiry over what’s been going on.

Other news:

The YEP reports that ‘The Tetley’ is to open later this year. We’ve known this for a while but it’s nice to know that it’s still continuing.

Anger and conspiracy theories over the closure of the West Park Centre abound. This is an incredible story that shows just how much the public perception angle is often not thought through.

There are new plans for the regeneration of a part of Kirkstall (good to see ‘affordable housing’) from LCC. Could be promising.

The report on the review of children’s heart surgery in Leeds is due to come out later today. People have already left, are leaving or were sacked over all sorts of crazy goings on at LGI’s managerial level. This probably won’t stop that.

There’s a write-up by John Baron of the Big Conversation, that we mentioned on Monday. If you’re a City dweller this is worth a read.

The Leeds Citizen has been busy, with posts on parking, street lights and ASDA in Beeston. The car parking is controversial; many people won’t park in the city centre regardless of how much it costs, so Sunday trading may fall off when the £2 charge comes in. Personally I’d be happier if there wasn’t an expectation to use those “phone up and pay” services that are overcomplicated and time consuming when all you’ve done is pop into town to see what’s on at the farmer’s market for half an hour, and spent all of that time trying to pay for parking because you don’t have anything smaller than a fiver. Still, it’s an excuse to save your £2 coins, I guess.

Even though the Owl at Rodley has closed (boo) it hasn’t stopped the regulars holding their weekly pub quiz, albeit in the car park rather than inside. Well done, guys.

On to fun stuff:

If you’re free tonight there’s a discussion of Casino Royale at Leeds Central Library as part of the Theakston’s OP Crime Writing Festival.

Things to see and do this week (bless you, Wendy!)

Leeds Skeptics, Saturday 15 June, 2pm at the Victoria Hotel on Great George Street. This time on ‘When Magic and Science Collide‘, with Oliver Meech.

An early heads-up: the next MathsJam is next Tuesday 18 June, 7pm, White Swan.

And we’re done. See you Friday!

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