Leeds Today: Money money money. And museums. And a nice tie.

Morning! Ally and Kirsty again for you today, and we’re full of the joys of…err…what is the weather supposed to be today? Ahh well, onwards and upwards – we shall make up for the lack of sunshine with lots of exciting newsy tidbits.

First up is the latest on the National Media Museum in Bradford: the city’s MPs have been told it will not close. Which is good, because Kirsty’s going there for her birthday. BIgger picture, people. We hope that the museums in York and Manchester have had similar assurances, and that this hasn’t all been an exercise in political point-scoring.

Speaking of politics, Leeds City Council’s chief exec has suggested an alternative interaction between national and local levels of government – clearly there’s work to be done, and perhaps the national government should be looking to local government for ideas. Like perhaps by watching the webcasts of full meetings in the council chamber during the 2013/14 municipal year, which Leeds Citizen is reporting are set to continue (oh yes, how do you like that segue?). Also, kudos to Tom Riordan for his excellent tie choice in that Guardian photo.

We told you last week about the Kirkstall Forge development. Now the Leeds Citizen talks about use of public funds, accountability and transparency.

Investment is clearly a theme of the day, and there’s news that money is available for health and medical companies locating to the Aire Valley Leeds Enterprise Zone, and a new Revolving Investment Fund from seven Yorkshire authorities. Although if you’re calling your fund a ‘revolving’ one, it really should involve the chairs from The Voice.

An interesting report from the New Economics Foundation, suggesting that the £33 billion to build HS2 could be better spent on other transport solutions. Not that we’re saying that a train that runs along an alerady well-served route at a fractionally faster rate is a colossal waste of money and a huge detriment to the areas it ploughs through. We’re unbiased like that here at BGL.

Speaking of which, if bling is your thing, a Scottish luxury jeweller is opening one of two shops south of the border in Leeds. Whatever you feel about Trinity and shopping in general, in times when the high street is said to be dying it is a positive sign that Leeds is seen as a prime retail destination, as it will have a knock-on effect on other areas/aspects of the city. It’s also nice that this is news of a company moving south to Leeds, rather than everything being a copy of what’s in London.

If you’d rather shuttlecocks than sapphires though, you might be more interested in the battle to save a sports hall and fields in Hyde Park. It’s an interesting read not only about the site itself, but about problems communities face when they try to get involved in things. Good luck to HPOL as they continue to fight.

South Leeds Life is reporting on the edible flowerbeds outside Civic Hall. Kirsty walks past these flowerbeds every day and they look amazing as well as showing people how they can grow their own. Can we get the land army spirit thriving in Leeds and do this everywhere please?

Finally it’s that time of week again, and our beloved Wandapops has rounded up the very best in things to see and do this week.

Bonus: we’ll be back later with a post from the lovely @LeedsBookClub, who will be giving us a literary round-up. Until then, have a great day folks!

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