Leeds Today: museums, public transport, using your talents and zombies.

Welcome to the longest day! It’s the Summer Solstice, so Ally and Kirsty are here to dance on the rooftops to celebrate.

To celebrate that we’re at the height of summer, beer gardens are appropriate. Okay, you wouldn’t know it looking out of the window, but this list may come in useful for at least half an hour in the next few months.

More reason to dance on the rooftops – all three northern science museums are safe. Don’t dance too much though, because there are concerns still over funding.

Here’s one for everyone who takes public transport. Twitter is often ablaze with problems with buses and trains etc, so it’s nice to think they’re making an effort to capture public opinion.  If you don’t take public transport, you might still want to get involved, particularly with the news that Sunday parking is going to start being charged.

If you’re loathe to get on the roads at all, why not check out Otley Walking Festival, which takes place this weekend. You’ll never get a double decker up on the chevin, that’s for sure.

We may have told everyone about this, but in case we haven’t, there’s a wildlife photography competition taking place. Leeds has got some excellent outdoors bits (apparently. Kirsty never leaves the city centre), and it’s flooded with wildlife, so get out your cameras and get clicking!

If words are more your thing than pictures, there’s a poetry commission for Morley Lit Fest open at the moment – there’s just a few days left so if you want to get involved you need to get your skates on.

In entertainment news, Leeds Arena (yes, we know it changed its name, no we’re not going to stop referring to it as Leeds Arena. It’s in Leeds. It’s an arena.) are opening their dooes, and it’s a local band who get to play the Arena stage  for the first time ever this weekend. Well done guys! As of time of writing, there were a few tickets left if you want to be part of this historic event.

There’s no segue we can do here at BGL that ends up in zombies. So here you go. 2.8 Hours later is returning to Leeds from 4-6 July. Great news if you want to pretend you’re part of the apocalypse, even better if you’re actually a zombie who’d like to get out of the house more, and useful information for if you’re not taking part but then are suddenly approached by a group of people covered in blood in the city centre. They’re probably part of the event.

Finally, remember it’s the Leeds Midsummer Feast this Sunday (follow #LeedsFeast on Twitter for updates, as if it’s raining it will be postponed). No plans are being made, so rock up and make it your own. What an excellent end to what we hope will be an excellent weekend for you. Have a good one!

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  1. Jess Haigh says:

    This weekend also sees the return of TwoPoundIn, the charity gig night showcasing local talent, on Saturday night in Santiago’s in the Grand Arcade, from 8ish, a mere £2 in going to Sue Ryder, featuring The Treason Kings, the Blind Dead McJones Band, Dave Pilla, and many more!

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