Leeds today: Anthony’s, polling, Garforth Arts, skiffy weapons, popup bar, building, Light, heritage and waterfront.

Morning, Leeds! Mike is back in the chair this week after a week off. Kirsty & Alison did a great job of holding down the fort while I was away, so a big thank you to them both.

While I’ve been away there was some shocking news: Anthony’s appears to have closed. Staff were informed at 8am on Friday that the whole thing was shutting up shop – the Patisserie, bakery, Rib Shakk, the Plaza… what impact will this have on the Corn Exchange, we have to ask. The 150th birthday for the CornEx will be a bit later on this year; hopefully it won’t be in a closed up building. Honestly, I go away for a week…

There’s a listed building owners’ club which plans to share information on the city’s heritage. The YEP reports that plans are afoot to get the club rolling from Leeds Civic Trust, but note that most of these buildings are not owned by private individuals and have never been properly surveyed by the Trust. We await developments with interest. While we’re talking about building ownership, the new owners for The Light have been revealed. It’s an insurance company.

We also notice that The Core is now advertising that a food court is ‘coming soon’. Not sure how we’ll manage to eat enough to keep all these food places going!

There’s been an interesting (positive) update on building work in the city centre; “after more than half a decade of stagnation, inner city brownfield sites in Leeds are finally back on the radar of ambitious developers.”

There’s a consultation on changes to polling arrangements, although the URL in the release is wrong (after a bit of hunting we think we’ve found it; it’s on the last page of the Current & planned consultations list, but it’s not scheduled to start for a while. Sort out the CMS, guys.).

There’s been questions raised over another bar in the Calls, this time a pop-up for Brooklyn Brewery. Long-term readers will remember the kerfuffle over Brewdog opening up down that end of town, this time the phrase “People with money still have the ability of causing trouble when inebriated” was used by West Yorks Police in the application rebuttal. Like members of the Bullingdon club, for example. Anyway, we hope it sorts itself out soon; Brooklyn is tasty beer.

Leeds Waterfront Festival is officially on this weekend. Granary Wharf will be one of the hotspots with The Hop running a beer & cider festival sort of thing, with the Artsmix fair also taking place there. The festival goes on up & down the Aire, though – there’s canal boats at Thwaite Mills, stuff happening at Brewery Wharf and the Armouries… it’s usually a lot of fun.

Speaking of the Armouries, Peace Through Superior Firepower: Sci-Fi Weapons and Reality, is on at Royal Armouries on Wednesday at 6.30pm, tickets £5; a preview of the lecture is on the YEP.

As it happens, Garforth Arts Festival starts today. This is always brilliant, an eclectic mix of all kinds of exciting new stuff. Worth going to see what’s happening.

A couple of friends decided to share their love of classic & cult films and film posters – a surprisingly niche hobby in the UK – and began 5 Reel Film, which is running a showing of cult film Oldboy at the Adelphi on the 30th. Tickets a fiver.

And that’s it for today. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you on Wednesday! Cheerio.

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