Leeds today: boats, Chaucer, funding, planks, beach, film, watercolours and bogeys.

Not a lot today. Sorry about that. I suspect everybody who does newsy stuff was at Glasto or Grassington. Anyway! Welcome to July! Isn’t this year going a bit too quickly?

We’re getting a beach! Yes, LCC is going all Paris-Plages on us – which is lovely. For three weeks in August Millennium Square will be turned into a typical seaside resort, so expect to see “kiss me quick” hats and donkey rides outside the Civic. All cynicism aside, this is a great idea and we hope it does well, but I do remember the uproar caused by a water pistol fight on Millennium Square a few years back; harmless fun which got a bit out of hand and involved the police. Hopefully similar stuff won’t happen again.

LCC chief exec Tom Riordan is in the Guardian talking about devolution of powers to local government:

Local councils should be treated in the same way as the devolved national assemblies are treated and receive a grant, leaving it to them to decide what their spending priorities should be. That, to us, would be a radical and more effective way to recast the relationship between central and local government.

He’s not wrong. The diversion of EU development funds from Yorkshire to Scotland and Wales (although money from a different pot is going to the West Yorks LEPs) has caused a lot of people who deal with these funds to question why Whitehall is interfering at the same time Scotland is considering devolution becoming an independent state.

Leeds Brewery have opened another pub. Crowd of Favours, near Kirkgate, is the latest offering from the local lads. It’s very pretty, as you’d expect. I’m going to make a prediction: their burgers will come on planks.

The International Medieval Congress started yesterday. For the rest of the week Leeds will be awash with troubadours, mummers, lutists and people who can recite Chaucer from memory. There’s lots of exciting stuff going on around that, too: falconry, chainmail making, food workshops and a lecture on Richard III as found in a Leicester car park.

There’s going to be a book launch in Leeds; ‘Our Songbirds’ by Matt Sewell is hitting the shelves at Colours May Vary, 13 July. It looks like a beautiful artefact – as books should be.

Also on Culture Vultures this morning are details of the No/Gloss Film Festival in October. For something a little more current there’s a go-kart challenge in Armley Gotts Park on Saturday.

Finally, this week sees the return of All Hands on Deck with all sorts of exciting things going on along the canal between Kirkstall and Apperly Bridge.

That’s us for today! See you on Wednesday, and thanks for reading.

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  1. Point of order, Scotland already *HAS* devolution, it is considering *Independence*.

    • Whoops – of course you’re right. Edited to fix; thanks.

      • Paul Thomas says:

        And, therefore, as Scotland is not independent but simply considering it, why would ‘a lot of people who deal with these funds question why Whitehall is interfering’ in what is currently part of the UK? Are they a bit thick?

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