Leeds today: transport, fares, mcard, bikes, gala, cashmob, hole, football (!), Cohen and YSP.

We have a transport theme today:

There’s an investment in transport in Leeds consultation to get involved in. I started to look at it but it’s way too complicated – you have to read loads of documents first. Tsk. If you’ve got the time this could be worth getting involved in.

A potential transport partnership could result in fare reductions but Leeds-based bus campaigner Stuart Long believes the push by operators for the introduction of a partnership deal is simply an attempt to persuade Metro to abandon alternative plans for a quality contracts scheme.

Travel is getting slightly smarter in Leeds as the MCard is launched. It’s basically a Metrocard with a chip in for using with those card readers you see on buses and train turnstiles. No annual ones as yet (I recently started a bus-only annual card) but – and I do like this – the card is a transferable card with no photo on it, so you can share it with other family members or friends when you don’t need it, like at weekends. There’s also a pay-as-you-go version – like an Oystercard – which will be coming next year; something we’ve been asking for in Leeds for years.

SkyRide Leeds takes place this Sunday 7 July, and the route map is now up, two cycling stars will be attending, and there’s a preview from Culture Vulture, including what to do if you don’t have a bike.

Wendy’s Things to see and do this week is out, with added soundtrack!

It is Leeds district festival season; Holbeck Gala is this Saturday. I love these things across the city, and they all have slight differences that make each one unique. Pop along if you’re in the area.

Thursday is Independent Retail Day, so there will be a Cashmob tomorrow for indie retailers in Leeds. There’s an explanation from Fabrication. Independents Day. Hahaha.

Work is to begin again on ‘Bradford hole’. Hoorah. It needs it.

One of the exhibition spaces at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park is to be properly refurbished. The Chapel isn’t somewhere everybody pops into, but still houses visiting works at the YSP; unfortunately it’s not in a good way and is closing to be sorted out before next spring.

The FA Girls’ Football Festival, a free programme aimed at encouraging girls to participate in football, is coming to Leeds today at Leeds Trinity University from 9.30am-4pm. The event will host more than 300 girls from over 44 local schools, and will hopefully get more people interested and involved in women’s football (which is also coming to BBC3 later in the month). Football isn’t something I’m that interested in but I am interested in equality and levelling the playing field; this might help balance the astonishing sexism that goes on in broadcasting women’s sports that are traditionally seen as being in the male arena.

Leonard Cohen has had to reschedule his Arena gig as it clashed with a religious holiday. People’s misery will have to wait a bit longer. If you can’t make the Saturday gig then you have until July 12th to get a refund.

Leeds List give a rundown of Twitter accounts to follow for different areas of interest (the list is a bit corporate and ‘obvious’, but there are some good ones on there like Leeds Book Club). We’re not on it. Hmph.

And we’re done for today. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you on Friday!

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