Leeds today: run, bloom, cafe, tickets, Show, bus, drawing, books and Kirkstall

Hello! It’s Wednesday, the heat is just about bearable, we’re up-to-date on the ice lolly quota – let’s do some news!

The YEP reports that Pudsey in Bloom turns 10! Ten years seems… well, not long enough, to be honest. The “(bit of Leeds) in Bloom” idea is a brilliant one and has been part of our landscape for so long it feels like it’s always been here.

Unfortunately there’s a sad sign of racism in Ossett as a cafe owner, fed up of people walking out of her cafe when they see she’s black, puts up a sign warning people of this fact before they open the door.

People are protesting over resale prices for the Springsteen show at the Arena. There are solutions to this (as demonstrated by the Olympics tickets, and mobile technologies too), so the Arena really ought to consider them for future shows. But scalping and reselling tickets at vast, vast profit isn’t anything new.

The North-South divide… again. This time, Council funding cuts. It’s almost as if the Government wants to start a revolution.

The Great Yorkshire Show is properly underway. It was cancelled last year for flooding – remember that? Anyway, traffic around Harrogate is dreadful in the mornings so consider taking the train. (You can walk to the show from Hornbeam Park station, although there’s no mention of this on the website.)

More on travel, there’s a succinct list of pros and cons of the Trolleybus from The City Talking.

A potential boost for Leeds’ IT industry? AQL is opening a new data centre, but we knew this already.

When people say “a superdiocese” I can’t help but think of a comic book character called “The Crimson Cleric” or something like that. Anyway, people are talking about a superdisocese and a pro-cathedral for Leeds.

I popped into Crowd of Favours, the new Leeds Brewery pub, the other day; typically classy and smart. There’s an interview with co-founder and MD of the Brewery on The City Talking.

The Empty Homes Doctor holds a series of clinics. Find out how you can bring an empty home back into use.

Hoorah! Middleton leisure centre has re-opened. Now, can we do the same with Beeston?

This one popped up on my radar this morning: life drawing at Leeds Gallery. The next one is tonight. Tonight! Sharpen pencils!

Leeds Book Club has a whopping seven – yes, seven! – club gatherings this month, on a broad assortment of genres. If you fancy coming along, here’s the run-down of what’s being read and when.

Looking ahead to the weekend:

Finally today, Café Scientifique at the City Museum café is back on Sunday, with a talk on ‘the several fates of degraded tropical rainforests’. From 11.30am, and it’s free!

And we’re done for today. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you on Friday!

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