Leeds today: opera, nooks, takeaways, festival, running, dieting, Barn, homes and advice.

It’s Friday, the heatwave is predicted to continue over the weekend… justification for an ice-cream if ever there was!

With the news this week that an increasing number of people have multiple pay day loans, the Council is considering a new advice service – a consortium of existing services – for those with debt and financial problems.

It is good to hear also that more council housing is to be built by Leeds City Council, as well as projects to bring empty homes into use.

Speaking of empty properties, the recently established Friends of Stank Hall Barn are holding an open day this Sunday, 11am-2pm. A rare opportunity to take a look inside!

Ramadan began this week and as someone who spent a year in the Middle East, I know how difficult fasting is even when if falls at a time of year with shorter days and cooler weather! Quite apart from the religious reasons behind the fast, it is an interesting exercise in self-control, and over on South Leeds Life Jeremy discusses dieting, religion and science in South of the River.

The Culture Vulture tells us all about the new Healthy Living Network Leeds community hub that opened this week just off Town Street.

For not quite so healthy living, Iron Cupcake is on Sunday! There are still “baker” and “eater” tickets available for the monthly test of baking and digestion. It’s great fun, and a nice gentle way of ending the weekend in the Adelphi.

On the subject of hidden treasures, Leeds List tell us some more about nooks and crannies of Leeds and also makes some interesting suggestions for those who want a posh takeaway. Although, after this week’s news about Bradford obesity maybe we should all be thinking about salads instead.

It is obviously far too hot for any major news other than about the weather itself, so that’s all really. Just some reminders for the weekend:

The best of luck to those running in the 10k on Sunday (including BGL’s Mike). Take care in that heat! If you want to cheer runners along, head to Victoria Gardens for 9.30am.

Saturday is Kirkstall Festival, 11am-5pm, with Hope & Social on in the afternoon. We love H&S, they’re brilliant.

Sunday sees the return of Café Scientifique at Leeds City Museum – one of my favourite things to do in this fun-filled city of ours.

Finally, I spent last night watching the opera La Rondine in Millennium Square, broadcast live to the big screen from the Royal Opera House. Owing, I suspect, to a distinct lack of publicity, it was far from packed. I only found out about it by chance and I was annoyed to find I had missed the previous one in the series, as it was a ballet I hadn’t seen. Anyway… my point is that I’d totally recommend giving it a try. As a friend commented, opera sounds high-brow, but actually it’s like watching a sung version of a soap opera, with accompanying picnic in the sunshine and music! The last one in the series – Tosca – is on next Thursday evening. It’s free!

Have a completely frabjous weekend, remember to wear a hat, and we’ll be back with all the news on Monday.

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