Leeds today: Heat, water, air, bus, demolitions, businesses, suffrage, jousting and music.

Hello! Sorry about missing Monday but the editor decided to take a day off to go paddling at Scarborough. He did get sunburned feet though, so it all balances out. It does mean we halve lots of news for you today, so lets get to it!

In this (thankfully feeling less oppressive) heat, a look at Leeds’ parks seems appropriate, from Leeds List. Most importantly today, the hot, sunny weather is expected to continue for some time yet. This either results in you jumping up and down excitedly and doffing the last layers of clothing, or – like me – doing an excellent impersonation of the Wicked Witch of the West and resolving to move to the wilds of Scotland in time for next summer. Cursed heat.

Speaking of the heat, unsurprisingly the demand for water has surged. Do consider water usage, people – we do NOT want standpipes!

Heating your home is probably the last thing on your mind today, but thinking ahead, a new eco scheme has been launched by Wrap Up Leeds.

Other than the heat, what else is in the news?

ITV looks at a piece of aviation history in the Leeds area.

The Trolleybus is getting more people polarised, and so transport chiefs are going to be answering questions at a series of events; one was yesterday, another is on Saturday in Dortmund Square. Given the number of “this is not a good idea” flyers I saw littering the city centre yesterday it looks like the camps are starting to organise.

Leeds City Council’s executive board is being asked to approve a proposal to knock down the old Royal Park Primary building in Hyde Park and the South Leeds Sports Centre. Argh! Argh! Argh! This is infuriating! The School was closed on the promise that it would move into community ownership, and the Sports Centre is a perfectly decent building that needs a bit of a refurb. South Leeds life has something to say about this as you can imagine.

We’ve got some summer holiday arts ideas from the Culture Vulture.

If anyone is interested in the Victoria Gate development (formerly Eastgate) full plans, they have been submitted. The reference numbers are: 13/02967/FU (main work), 13/02969/RM (John Lewis store), and 13/02968/FU (demolition of Milgarth Police Station and multi-storey car park construction).

Leeds has bucked the trend, seeing decent growth in small and medium-sized enterprises. As the owner of a (very) small business myself, I suspect there are more factors involved than business encouragement by the Council, but whatever the reasons, yay!

Meanwhile, the Council is encouraging manufacturing businesses to use the various support programmes and services available in attempts to benefit the sector in the Leeds area.

Occasionally – usually when there’s an election for something – I take a moment to consider that only three or four generations of women have had the vote. This year is the centenary of an incredible rally organised by the non-militant side of the suffrage movement, in which some 50,000 suffragists set off from all across England and Wales, taking up to five weeks to reach the Hyde Park gathering. Thus Walk for Women has been organised to celebrate their achievements (). The closest one to Leeds is the Barnsley walk. (Why not one in Leeds?)

The City Talking gives us a summary of the blogs by John Baron and the weekly ‘things to see and do’ by Wendy. For lovers of shopping, they also give us a round-up of new brands coming to Trinity Leeds… yawn… sorry…

There’s also news of a report into the benefits (financial and otherwise) of the opening of Trinity Leeds. However, take note that the report was commissioned by the parent company of the shopping centre, so is hardly going to be a balanced view.

Now here’s something I CAN get excited about: Leeds is bidding to become the jousting capital of Europe (video). The Summer Jousting Championship begins on 26 July. Woah.

With the upcoming weekend of Victoriana at the Corn Exchange (27-28 July), we have a mini history of the building from ITV.

The Clarence Music Festival takes place in Wakefield on 27 July and Leeds List is running a series of features on different bands playing.

A properly advanced heads-up for this Clandestine Cake Club with Doctor Who theme in November. May I be a judge? May I? (Ed’s note: no judges at CCC! It’s not a competition 🙂)

Finally for today, pretty northern banknotes up for auction. Look at no 10 in particular.

That’s it! Phew, what a lot of stuff. Anyway, thanks for reading and we’ll see you on Friday.

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