Leeds today: Boss, tech, nightlife, local govt, plaque, Bextor, cafe, robots and parks.

Hello Wednesday! The weather has broken a bit, it feels so much nicer out there, I’m much happier than I was on Monday. So let’s do some news!

The Arena has its grand opening tonight with The Boss. Are you going? Say hello to our friends at Fish& who are going to be providing tasty foods just outside the Arena for this and many (if not all) of the gigs coming up.

There’s an interesting report (with sadly little detail) in the YEP highlighting the high number of technology-based businesses in Leeds. There’s more detail to be drilled out of this data than a puff piece in the paper, surely? Are you one of the 3,240 businesses mentioned? Why not get in touch and tell us about it!

Do you go out to the pubs in Leeds? What are your thoughts on a potential tax on nightlife? Obviously licenseholders will have to bear the brunt of it, but there’s a little confusion here: anywhere licensed to serve alcohol will have to pay the levy, but the levy will only apply between midnight and 6am (or times to be decided)? So… a restaurant that shuts at 10pm will have to pay an additional fee to operate, despite not contributing to the carnage that happens in The Calls on a Saturday after midnight? Hm.

LCC’s top elected official Keith Wakefield has a view on local government somewhat at odds with Westminster. The chap speaks sense, and this is an article well worth reading. For example:

“People will look back on this [welfare reform] and think the state were willing to punish those who are poor. When everything has calmed down and people think deeper they will see that this is wicked.”

That needs to go on a placard.

The Grand Theatre gets a blue plaque! A well deserved one, too.

Leeds Pride is approaching (4 August, PDF programme here) and Sophie Ellis Bextor is headlining the festival. Don’t forget about AgeUK’s vigil and quiet space, too.

Culture Vulture has a review of the new café at the Greenhouse in Beeston. Sounds interesting! We’ll have to pop in.

We love robots here at BGL, especially with some of the Playful Leeds stuff that’s coming up, so a story about investment in robotics at the University of Leeds is always going to make us grin. If robots are your thing as well then Awesome Robots is on Friday 26 July in the Trinity Leeds Service Lounge. We found out about that one through Wendy’s things to see and do this week (with playlist).

Also mentioned is the Corn Exchange 150th birthday: A Grand Weekend of Victoriana, 27-28 July. Leeds List has a preview, and don’t forget there’s a cake competition too – if you have a killer Victoria Sponge then take it along!

A reminder that it’s Leeds Cross-Cultural Book Fair this weekend, as well as the Culture Vultures ‘zine workshop at White Cloth Gallery (we’ll be showing up to both of these, as well as the CornEx – it’s a busy Saturday for us!)

Finally today, next week is apparently Love Parks Week (don’t we love them every week?) and there’s an open picnic event at Cross Flatts to celebrate. How lovely!

We’re done for today – thanks for reading – and we’ll see you on Friday. Enjoy the weather!

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  1. Bywater blog says:

    Surely the cheap alcohol that people buy from the supermarket, and then go on to drink in the pubs, is just as good a target for extra taxes? Keith Wakefield is misguided if he thinks that the Conservatives are being wicked; they are attempting to get people out of the benefits trap. Not a very nice place to be. Labour put them there; are they wicked?

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